Gooloo GP4000 VS Noco GB70

Both Gooloo GP4000 and the Noco GB70 are economical jump starters and is all what your car battery needs.GP4000 is designed by Gooloo, whereas, GB70 is the invention of Noco. GP4000 is compatible with all gas engines and up to 10 litres of diesel engines. Whereas, its opponent can jump-start up to 8 litres of gas and 6 litres of diesel engines.

Gooloo GP4000 serves best as an emergency lifesaver.

Gooloo GP4000 VS Noco GB70

Having a portable 99.2 Watt-hour lithium-polymer battery, it can activate any dead battery within seconds as its peak current rating is 4000 Ampere.

Moreover, its single charge gives you 30 boosts but it lacks manual override feature.

Its USB ports make it more than a jump starter.

Also, it undergoes various safety features like reverse polarity and spark-proof protection for safe customer service.

Noco GB70 acquires 56 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery which allows 40 starts per charge.

Its peak current rating is 2000 Ampere and is provided with USB ports which serve as a power bank to charge various devices.

Also, it is equipped with spark-proof and reverse polarity protection.

Manual override feature is also introduced in it for the best possible performance.

In comparison with GB70, GP4000 is a much decent option as it can support greater capacity engines and has a higher peak current value. Also, it has high powered internal battery and is equipped with fast charging feature. Furthermore, its lower price and longer warranty duration makes it one of the favourite selections of the users.

Quick Comparison Table

Internal Battery99.2 Wh Lithium-polymer56 Wh Lithium-ion
Voltage12 V12 V
Peak Current Rating4000 A2000 A
Number of Boosts per Charge3040
USB input5V/2.1A5V/2.1 A
USB output5V/2.1A5V/2.1 A
12V input/output portsYesYes
Safety FeatureYesYes
Manual OverdriveNoYes
LED Flashlight100 Lumens400 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65 (w/ports closed)
Unit Weight4.24 lb5 lb
Warranty1.5 year1 year
Price (US Dollars)160$ – 180$240$ – 260$

Supported Vehicle Models

GP4000 supports all gas engines and up to 10 litres of diesel engines, allowing it to jump-start passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, tractors, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorcycles and vans.

Whereas, GB70 is specialized to support up to 8 liters of gas and 6 litres of diesel engines.

So, it is not as profitable as its peer in aiding high engine vehicles and can initiate only low powered passenger cars.

Pros & Cons

Pros of GP4000Pros of GB70
Can jump-start heavy engines.Equipped with a manual override element.
Features a high-powered internal battery.Has a brighter LED flashlight.
Gives a higher peak starting current.Gives more starts per charge
Cons of GP4000Cons of GB70
Lacks manual override feature.The internal battery is weaker.
Its single charge gives fewer boosts.Has a lower warranty span.
Has a dimmer LED flashlight.Is expensive.

Design Comparison

Gooloo GP4000 is usually a yellow-grey or orange-grey coloured jump-starter. Its battery cell undergoes a Lithium-Polymer composition. It has two USB charging ports and a Type-C charging port to charge other devices.

Its corners are plastic or rubber-coated to prevent scraps and to ensure that the jump starter can resist drops without any complications.

It features a power button on its upper surface and along with it are LED indicators. It consists of a 100 Lumen LED flashlight, having three modes (SOS, strobe and continuous). It is light-weight as compared to its opponent and has smaller dimensions.

The progressive design of the Noco GB70 gives it a durable and water-resistant finishing. It is rubber-coated to prevent scraping and wear, adding to its life.

It is grey-colored and contains a Lithium-ion battery. Its USB and Type-C ports allow it to charge smartphones and tablets.

Its upper surface features a power button, a manual override button and an LED mode button. The presence of power, charge and error indicator LEDs enhance its outlook and makes it quite user-friendly.

Moreover, it has a triple-mode 400 Lumen LED flashlight which is helpful when you need to jump-start your car in emergency situations usually at night.

Physical CharacteristicsGP4000GB70
ColourYellow-Grey/ Orange-GreyGrey
Weight (lbs)4.245
Length (inches)8.98.8
Height (inches)1.42.8
Width (inches)3.96.0

Choosing GP4000, you get a variety in colours but the hardware interface and outlook of its counterpart is more innovative and attractive.


GP4000’s rechargeable battery is fully charged within 1.2 to 7 hours. Its charging time by using USB ports is about 7 hours at 0.5-amp. At 1-amp this time is reduced to 5 hours.

However, its 100W fast charging feature fully charges it within 1.2 hours at 2-amp.

Whereas, the rechargeable battery of Noco GB70 is fully charged within 3-12 hours as it lacks fast charging traits. Its powered USB ports can charge it within 12 hours at 0.5-amp. However, it charging speed can be maximized by using the vehicle’s auxiliary port, charging it within 2 hours.

USB Charger RatingGP4000GB70
0.5 A7 hours12 hours
1 A5 hours6 hours
2 A1.2 hours3 hours

Peak Starting Current

The size of the vehicle engine determines the peak starting current and the suitable jump-starter to supply this current.

As GP4000 is compatible with higher engines, so, it can supply 4000 Ampere of peak starting current.

Whereas, GB70 is workable with low power engines as compared to its peer, so its peak starting current value is limited to 2000 Ampere.

Manual Override

GP4000 is not equipped with a manual override as it lacks built-in auto sensors. In order to fulfil the safety aspects, this jump starter freezes to work when the battery is about to die.

Whereas, Noco GB70 highlights a manual override characteristic and has built-in auto detectors which signals the low battery level and the battery begins to charge automatically.


Both devices are conveniently operated in the same way as follow:

  1. Attach the wires of the two clamps with the provided socket of the jump starter.
  2. Connect the clamps with the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
  3. LED on the jump starter will turn on which indicates its activation.
  4. Start your car and then disconnect the clamps from the battery terminals.
Environmental ConditionsGP4000GB70
Operating Temperature-20° – 60°C-30° – 50°C
Charging Temperature0° – 45°C0° – 40°C
Storage Temperature-20° – 60°C-20° – 50°C

GP4000 offers a greater range of operating, charging and storage temperatures as compared to its opponent. 

I highly recommend you watch this, video before reading things on further.


GB70 is higher priced as compared to its rival, having a price range of 240 – 260$.

Whereas, GP4000 is cheaper, ranging from 160 to 180$, as it reflects the newly emerging Gooloo brand.

Quick Summary

  • Gooloo is compatible with higher capacity engines.
  • Gooloo has a higher peak starting current.
  • Gooloo has a stronger internal battery.
  • GB70 gives more starts per charge.
  • GB70 features a brighter emergency flashlight.
  • GB70 has a more innovative and elaborated outlook.
  • GP4000 takes lesser time in recharging.  
  • GB70 is equipped with a manual override feature while its competitor lacks this feature.
  • Gooloo has a greater warranty period.
  • GB70 is expensive as compared to its counterpart.