NOCO GB70 vs Antigravity XP-10

The Antigravity XP-10 and the NOCO GB70 are very popular jump starters. These starters are a handy solution for dead battery units of small and medium sized engines when on the go. Furthermore, their multi-mode torches, mobile charging features and the ability to power up 12V electronic accessories make them a must-have in your camping luggage.

Noco GB 70 (also called boost HD) works great for rescuing completely exhausted batteries due to its powerful discharge capacity. Its bright flashlight works as an efficient work light, a camping torch and an emergency signal light as well.

NOCO GB70 vs Antigravity XP-10

Antigravity XP 10 also offers multiple utilities and can also be used to power laptop batteries along with vehicle power units, electronics and mobile phones. Its huge charge storing capacity permit you several jump starts after complete recharge. Plus, multiple USB ports and 3-in-1 charging cable enables you to charge multiple smartphones and tablets at the same time.

In comparison, Antigravity XP-10 is lightweight, has high-power battery, recharges 19V laptop batteries, offers more jump starts for V8 engines and supports heavy-duty diesel engines. Conversely, GB70 supplies heavy peak current, supports larger gas engines and enables fast recharging.

NOCO GB70 vs Antigravity XP-10

Power unit Lithium ion battery Lithium ion battery
Safety featuresYesYes
Manual Override featureYesYes
Built-in voltmeterNoneNone
Housing ProtectionUncovered portsClosed ports
Warranty1 year1 year
Price$190 to $250$190 to $250

Differences in Design

XP 10 specifies a relatively simpler design, only name of brand and product printed on the top while all the sockets and buttons are present on starter’s sidewalls. Its output sockets include the jumper port, two USB outputs, a 12V universal DC output and a 12V laptop output. Plus, it has a power button, flashlight and a recharging input port. Its flashlight is relatively less bright and works in three modes. The features which give it an edge over the competitor include dual USB interface to connect multiple cables simultaneously, the 19V laptop charging ability and various accessories that come within the package. These accessories include an 8- tips kit to fix different types of laptop cables, leatherette carry case and a 3-in-1 USB charging cable.

On the other side, Noco GB 70 characterizes a grey-black design and have power button as well as LED indicators on its topside. It is relatively heavier jumper and has a brighter flashlight. The feature that makes it stand taller is its input ports (a 3A charging port and a micro-USB charging port). However, it only has one USB output and comes with a soft storage microfiber bag instead of a hard carry case.

Both tools can be recharged in the same temperature range. However, the operative temperature range of XP 10 is wider than its competitor.

 XP 10GB70
ColorRed and BlackBlack & Grey
Weight0.5 lbs4 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D)9 x 3 x 1.25 inches8.8 x 6 x 2.8 inches
Input portsRecharge port5 V, 2.1A Micro USB Input   12V, 3A fast charging port
Output ports5V, 2 A USB port   USB QC port   12V, 10A DC port   19V, 3.5A laptop charging port5 V, 2.1 A USB Output   12V, 10A DC output  
LED Flashlight110 Lumens400 Lumens
Operating Temperature-22°F to 120°F-4° to 122° F
Recharge Temperature34°F to 104°F32°F  to 104°F

Recharging Time: Which performs better?

Noco Boost GB70 has higher recharge efficiency than its competitor because it enables fast charging through a specialized 12V recharge port a 36W NOCO patented charger. Moreover, it is also rechargeable through a micro-USB charging socket. The product comes with a 3A adapter but you can also use your regular mobile charger to recharge your starter but in this case it will take longer to restore its maximum potential.

XP-10 can be recharged with AC power supply at home as well as using a DC charger as both an AC wall charger and a DC cigarette lighter charger come in the product package. However, this device takes longer to reach its maximum charging level due to two reasons. The first is lack of fast charging feature and advanced charger adapter. And Secondly, it has to store larger amount of charge, hence, it takes longer time to reach to its maximum potential.

USB Charger XP 10GB 70
12V charger4-5 hours2-3 hours  (fast charging 36W, 2A adapter)
USB charger×0.5 A adapter = 28 hours 1 A adapter= 14 hours 2 A adapter= 7 hours

Internal Battery Capacity Comparison

XP10 battery can store larger amount of charge as its Lithium-ion battery has an electric power of 66.75 Wh. With this enormous charge capacity, it can jump starts V8s engines 40 to 45 times while diesel motors can be charged up to 15 times when the starter is fully charged. Moreover, you can also recharge your electronic gadgets likes cellphones and tablets.

In comparison, Gb70 specifies Lithium ion cell of lesser power as its maximum capacity is 56Wh. Thus, it provides 40 jump starts to dead vehicle batteries upon a single charge. Likewise, its capacity to recharge cell phones and tablets is also lower.

Jump starts40-45 times (V8s engines) 15 times (diesel-powered engines)40 times
Cell phone7-8 times3 times
Tablets4-6 times1 time

Antigravity vs NOCO GB70 Peak Starting Current`

GB70 offers more powerful jump starts as its peak current rating is higher than its competitor. Despite having a relatively low-capacity battery unit, it discharges larger amount of charge to dead batteries. Hence, it can restart completely exhausted batteries as well. However, due to faster discharges, its charge level would drop sooner in comparison.

On the other side, XP-10 specifies a high power battery but it offers less peak current of 600 Amperes. Hence, the maximum charge it can supply to a dead unit is three times lesser than the contestant. This property reduces its jumping efficiency especially when dealing with batteries with extremely low voltage levels.

Battery capacity66.75 watt-hour56 watt-hour
Peak current rating600 Amperes2000 Amperes

Safety system

Both of these devices employ multiple protective mechanisms to prevent accidents while jumping. Noco device is equipped with in-built spark proof technology to prevent reverse polarity, sparking and charge-discharge irregularities.

Safety system of Antigravity jumper operates from its smart clamp connector and safeguards against reverse polarity, over-charge, over discharge short circuit and back charge.

Manual Override

If your battery is completely exhausted and needs a large discharge to restart, these starters will not power such batteries on normal mode as their safety systems prevent over-discharges. In this case, you can use manual override feature to bypass security restriction and supply heavy current.

Both these devices enable this feature. For GB70, boost button located on the top of starter while XP-10 has its boost button on smart clamp connector box.

Supported battery types and Vehicles

These devices are beneficial for lead-acid vehicle batteries of 12V but cannot be used with other battery types or voltage levels.

However, when it comes to laptop chagrining, XP-10 has an upper hand as it can power up 19V laptop batteries while the contestant lack this feature. Also, in the case of vehicle compatibility, it is more efficient for diesel engines but scores lesser than its competitor for gas engines. It is compatible with 7.3 liter gas and diesel engines.

Conversely, GB70 supports lower capacity diesel engine in comparison. But it is compatible with relatively larger gas engines (up to 8 liters capacity). However, for electronic devices it only supports 12V accessories connected via USB or 12V outlet and is not useful for 19V or 16V laptop batteries.

 XP-10GB 70
Supported batteries12V (vehicles and electronics) 19 V laptops12V (vehicles and electronics)  
Diesel engines7.3 Liters6 Liters
Gas engines7.3 Liters8 Liters

Benefits of these jump starters:

Pros of XP-10Pros of GB70
Two USB outputs for charging multiple devicesHighly luminous flashlight
High power battery unitEnable fast recharge
Recharges 19V laptopsOffers higher peak current
Compatible with higher capacity diesel enginesSupports larger gas engines
Leatherette carry case 

Disadvantages of these jumpstarters:

Cons of XP 10Cons of GB 70
Less bright flashDo not recharge laptops
Takes longer to rechargeComes with soft microfiber storage bag
Low peak current valueHave a low capacity battery

Quick Summary

  • Both these devices come with a replacement warranty of one year.
  • Price range is same for these starters.
  • Both tools enable bypass feature.

GB 70

  • Offers larger peak current than its competitor.
  • Its flashlight is four times brighter than its competitor.
  • Supports high-capacity gas engines.
  • Enables fast charging feature with 36W, 3A patented charger.

XP 10

  • Carries a high-capacity internal battery in comparison.
  • Is compatible with larger diesel engine than its competitor.
  • Also enables laptop charging.
  • Recharges multiple smartphone devices simultaneously.