NOCO Boost GB70 vs NOCO Boost GBX75

Both the Noco Boost GB70 and the Noco Boost GBX75 although may look same, there are a lot of key difference sto know about them. NOCO Boost GB70 supports cars, trucks, Boats, RVs, and such related vehicles with engines up to 8 liters in gasoline and up to 6 liters in diesel. Looking on the other side, GBX75 can aid engines up to 8.5 liters for gasoline and up to 6.5 liters diesel engines in a variety of vehicles including motorcycles, tractors, ATVs and boats etc. Both of these jumpstarts pack a punch and are quite bulky in design.

Noco Boost GB70 comes with a 56 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery that can provide a current of 2000 amperes which has the ability to crank up large engine and bring life to them in a matter of seconds.

NOCO Boost GB70 vs NOCO Boost GBX75

It can be used as a multi-functional device that can be used to charge various portable devices like tablets, laptops, cell phones and much more.

It features UltraSafe technology that gives it two abilities, first one is its capability to provide spark free connections and the other is reverse polarity protection that ensures its user’s safety.

In its each charge it has the capacity to provide up to 40 jumpstarts.

Moreover, it has no special fans for cooling mechanism, rather it is cooled by convection cooling.

Contrarily, The Noco GBX75 is a more powerful jump starter provided with a 74 Watt-hour lithium-ion battery.

It has a high peak current rating of 2500 amperes that can be used to turn over big engines in no time.

Just like its competitor, this device can be used as a multi-functional tool to provide power to devices like smartphones, but unlike its predecessor, it has a separate port for this purpose.

This newer version contains more advanced safety technology which is titled as UltraSafe 2.0.

It provides similar protection to the GB70 but with improved safety of reverse polarity and accidental sparks.

It can offer up to 40 jump starts per charge and it is also cooled by natural convention.

Consequently, Noco Boost GBX75 can provide higher peak current than Noco GB70. In addition, it is equipped with more advanced technology and more versatile features that are lacked by its contender. Due to this, it is more expensive in cost but provides a better performance in return. 

ManufacturerNOCO BoostNOCO Boost
Internal Battery56 Watt-hour Lithium-Ion74 Watt-hour Lithium-Ion
Peak Current Rating2000 A2500 A
Number of boosters per charge4040
Micro USB Input2.1 A
USB C: 5V, 1.5A/9V, 3A/12V, 3A/15V, 3A/20V, 3A  
USB Output2.1 AUSB A: 5V DC, 2.1A Max or 10W Max
USB C: 5V, 3A/9V, 3A/12V, 3A/15V, 3A/20V, 3A  
12 V Input/ Output portsYesNo
Safety featureYesYes
Manual OverdriveYesYes
LED Flashlight400 Lumens400 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65 (w/ Ports closed)IP65 (w/ Ports closed)
Unit weight4.18 lbs. or 1.9 kg3.77 lbs. or 1.71 kg
Unit weight with clamps & accessories5 lbs.4.5 lbs.  
Cooling`Natural ConventionNatural Convention
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US dollars)249.95 $319 $

NOCO Boost GB70

NOCO Boost GBX75

NOCO Boost GB70 vs NOCO Boost GBX75 Operation

Jump starts are used to give a new life to dead batteries and crank up the engine in a situation of emergency or any other case. Operating a jump starter is simple and straight forward, and it requires following steps to start up a car with a dead battery:

  • First of all, connect the clamps with the socket provided in the jump starter.
  • Secondly, Press the power button on the jump starter and an LED light will glow that will indicate the startup of the device.
  • Thirdly, connect the clamps that you preciously connected with the jump starter to the battery.
  • Finally, provide ignition to the car to power up the battery.

Operating, charging, and storage temperatures of both jump starters are given below.


As both of these jump starters come from the same company, it is no surprise that both of them have a very similar design. GBX75 weights less and has smaller dimensions even though it has greater power due to its leaner design. Features included in both of these devices are given below.

Indicator Lights

Both Noco Boost GB70 and GBX75 includes similar indicator LEDs that allow the user to determine different aspects, these LED lights are:

Power LED: This LED lights up when the jump starter is powered on.

Error LED: It lights up in case there is a problem or fault in the jump starter or the battery is not connected properly. It can signify different things with blinking of one to six times.

Charge LED: It shows how much charge is available in the battery. When the LED lights up to the last graduated small green LED, it means that the battery is full.

Boost LED: This LED indicates activation of manual override and boost feature.

Moreover, GBX75 contains various more LEDs in its assembly than GBX70, these are:

Reverse Polarity Error LED: It tells the users to reverse the connections to charge the battery when the charger is connected in reverse arrangement.  

Cold LED: It illuminates in case the temperature of the device gets too low.

Hot LED: When the internal temperature of the jump starter is too high, this LED turns on.

Fast Charge LED: When fast charging is active, it gives out white light and blinks red in case there is an error.

Functional Buttons

Both the GB70 and gbx75 have the same buttons with the similar functionality and design.

Power Button: It is used to power up the jump starter.

Manual Override Button: When the voltage of battery drops too low, it fails to detect the battery. For this purpose, safety features are disabled by this button.

Light Mode Button: It turns on flashlight of the device.

Physical CharacteristicsGB70GBX75
Color               Black and Grey     Black and Grey
Weight4.18 lbs. or 1.9 kg 3.77 lbs. or 1.71 kg
Height8.8 Inches or 222.00 mm  8.4 Inches or 213 mm
Width6.0 Inches or 152.00 mm5.4 Inches or 137 mm
Depth2.8 Inches or 71.12 mm2.5 Inches or 64 mm


Both of these jump starters can be recharged due to the rechargeable batteries present in them.  The recharging time is mainly determined by the current and voltage ratings. The device with a higher current rating will recharge faster.

The GB70 can go from zero battery to being able to jump start in just 15 minutes and it can fully recharge in just 2 hours with fast charge. Moreover, its charge time is three times faster than traditional lead battery jump starters.

On the other hand, Noco Boost GBX75 contains USB C technology coupled with power delivery that enables it to re-charge super-fast. It is able to provide jump start to the car with the charge of only 5 minutes of an empty battery. Its recharge time is even less than its predecessor. 

USB Charger RatingGB70USB Charger RatingGBX75
0.5 A28 hrs.0.5 W40 hrs.
1 A14 hrs.5 W20 hrs.
2 A7 hrs.10 W10 hrs.

Peak Starting Current

Peak current amperes of the jump starter determine the engine size it can be used on, larger engines require higher current amperes and vice versa.

Noco Boost GBX70 has a peak current rating of 2000 amperes which is enough to power up a truck or any other heavy engine. Concurrently, this device still lags behind its successor in this department, as it has lower current rating in comparison.

On the contrary, Noco Boost GBX75 has a higher peak current rating of 2500 amperes. It is able to crank up even larger engines than its competitor. So, GBX75 is the go to jump starter if you need more power for your engine.

Power Conservation

Noco Boost GB70 does not incorporate any distinct features that allows it to conserve power. It is operated on plug and play, and its power stays on for as long as it is not switched off manually even after a jump start has been provided to the vehicle. Because of this, power of the battery goes to waste for as long as the jump starter is not removed from the car.

Unlike its predecessor, GBX75 has an extensive feature that helps it to tackle this problem. It can automatically shut down in a matter of 60 seconds after being turned on and connected to the battery. This feature conserves power of the device. Moreover, it has a special LED that indicates termination of the 60 seconds.

Supported Battery Type

Cars or any other vehicle can be recharged using a jump starter. Both of these devices support the same type of batteries. Lead- acid batteries or AMG-type batteries can be recharged using these jump starters.

Supported Vehicles Models

GB70 can crank up both gasoline and diesel engines. It can give a boost to gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters.

Likewise, GBX75 is also built to support both gasoline and diesel engines. It supports up to 8.5 liters of gasoline engines and up to 6.5 liters diesel engines.

Advantages of these jumpstarters

Less costly than its counter partMore versatile in supporting different range of engines.
It can provide jump starts at an economical rate with slightly less powerHigher peak current amperes
 Jump starts heavier engines

Disadvantages of these jumpstarters

Bulky designMore expensive than  its predecessor
less indicating LEDs 

Warranty and Price Tags

NOCO Boost provides a 1 year hassle free guarantee for both of these jump starters which makes them equals in this department.

If we talk about price…

The Noco Boost GB70 is less expensive than its successor, it has price of about 250 dollars, which is quite economical keeping in mind the overall performance of the device. While the Noco Boost GBX75 is more costly with a price tag of 319 dollars. Its more advanced features and higher current amperes make up for its higher price. All and all, GB70 is the one to go with if you’re looking to cut cost and keep track of budget.


  • Both jump starters can support gasoline and diesel engines but GBX75 can support heavier engines.
  • GBX 75 has higher peak current amperes than its contender.
  • GB70 is more bulky and heavier than GBX75.
  • GBX75 can recharge faster than its counterpart.
  • GBX75 contains extra indicator LEDs for a better user interface.
  • Both devices incorporate fast charging.
  • Warranty period of both jump starters is the same.
  • GB70 is more economical than GBX75.
  • GBX75 has a more powerful internal battery than GB70.