NOCO Boost GB50 vs Noco GB70

Both the Noco Boost GB50 and the Noco GB 70 are powerful jump starters. These compact starter batteries come in handy when you are traveling, and your engine refuses to start because your car battery is completely drained. With integrated jumper cables, these starters can be employed to work in two simple steps. Besides that, 2.1A USB ports allow you to recharge your smartphone easily on the go.

Noco GB50 is a modish grey-black starter that works well for small sized vehicles. Due to its compact size and lesser weight, it is easily portable. It enables you to jump start your car safely using the UltraSafe technology from Noco. Plus, its efficient indicators certify that battery temperature is just right for optimized performance, saving the device from extreme temperature damages.

NOCO GB50 vs GB70

Noco GB70 looks similar but specifies larger physical dimensions and a powerful internal unit. Its huge charge storing capacity enables it to give numerous starts over a single charging. Plus, its powerful torch works best as a camping or work light. Moreover, it also has a 12V port and can be used to operate DC appliances.

Compared with GB50, GB70 is equipped with a high-energy battery, stores a larger amount of charge, provides more jumps per recharge, supports larger engines, and integrates a brighter torch, but it weighs heavier and costs more money to buy.

Quick Comparison

SpecsGB 70GB 50
Safety featuresUltraSafe tech.UltraSafe tech.
Manual Override functionYesYes
Built-in voltmeter××
Cooling systemNatural convection mechanismNatural convection mechanism
Housing ProtectionClosed ports (IP65 rated)Closed ports (IP65 rated)
StorageMicrofiber bagMicrofiber bag
Warranty durationOne yearOne year
Price$185 to $250$130 to $175


These Noco jump starters have a similar outlook with greyish black color. Plus, their casing, cooling mechanisms, and temperature endurance are also the same. However, GB 50 is compact and lightweight compared to its contestant. It has two 2.1Amperes USB ports, one for input connections and the other for output. This starter offers relatively lesser functionality as it lacks 12V in/out ports. As a result, it cannot be used to operate DC electronics like car vacuums or tire inflators. Moreover, its flashlight is less luminous than the competitor.

In contrast, GB 70 is large-sized and relatively heavier. Its design is also more functional and user-friendly due to 12V input and output ports. Besides that, it also has an input and an output USB port, just like the competitor. It also takes the lead over its contestant for the flashlight feature specifying a brighter torch in comparison.

 GB 70GB 50
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth)8.8 x 6 x 2.8 inches8.6 x 3.4 x 2.3 inches
Input portsMicro-USB (5V, 2.1A)   Fast-recharge (12V, 3A)Micro-USB (5V, 2.1A)  
Output portsUSB-A Output (5V, 2.1A)   DC output (12V, 15A)  USB-A output (5V, 2.1A)
Flashlight luminosity400 Lumens       200 Lumens
Operating Temp.-4° to 122°F-4° to 122°F
Recharge Temp.32° to 104°F32° to 104°F
Storage Temp.-4° to 122°F-4° to 122°F


As GB50 lacks 12V input, it can only be charged with a USB-enabled charger up to 2A specification. With normal adapters, it recharges comparatively sooner as it has to store lesser charge in its low-capacity battery. However, its score becomes lower when it comes to fast charging with Noco’s patented 12V adapters. It ranks lower as it does not have this feature, but the competitor does.

Conversely, you can recharge GB 70 via USB input or a 12V XGC port. As its battery unit has a larger charge storing capacity, it takes longer to reach its maximum potential. But the scenario changes when you recharge this jumper through its patented fast-charging adapter. Its 12V input works well with 3A, 36W charger and recharges within 2-3 hours.

ChargerGB 70GB 50
0.5 A28 hr18 hr
1 A14 hr9 hr
2 A7 hr4.5 hr
12V, 3A, 36W2 to 3 hr_ _ _ _

Internal Battery

Boost HD (GB70) takes the lead over its contestant as its battery has a higher charge storing capacity. It is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery of 56 Watt-hour, and after full charging, it can jumpstart exhausted batteries up to 40 times.

While Boost XL (GB50) specifies a 35 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery so, it can store a lesser amount of charge comparatively. Its ability to restart dead batteries is lower because it gives 30 jump starts per charge when it is charged to full potential.

 GB 70GB 50
Battery type Li-ion battery Li-ion battery
Jump starts per charge4030

Peak Starting Current

The jumpstarting ability of GB70 is higher than its competitor because its battery has a high charge storing capacity, and thus, it is used to restart large size batteries. That is why it offers a high peak current of up to 2000 Amperes to restore exhausted batteries.

In comparison, GB50 scores lesser for current influx as it owns a low charge carrying battery which ultimately lowers its peak current rating. Thus, it releases a smaller amount of charge while restoring dead batteries. It can provide a peak current of only 1500 Amperes.

 GB 70GB 50
Battery capacity56 watt-hour35 watt-hour
Peak current rating2000 Amperes1500 Amperes

Safety System  

The safety features of these starters are the same as both employ Noco UltraSafe technology. This includes protection from reverse polarity accidents and sparking due to over-discharging. As a result, these jumpers automatically stop working when you connect them in the wrong polarity, or the attached battery draws a heavier current because these situations may lead to accidents if not handled with caution.

However, GB 50 gets a higher score as it provides enhanced protection by indicating if the internal battery is heated up or its temperature is too cold to be operated. Starter only works safely within the specified temperature range, using it otherwise reduces the efficiency and durability of the jumper and may result in sparks or short circuits.

Manual Override

As discussed earlier, the safety features of these starters prevent heavy discharges. If you connect a GB power unit to an engine battery with a voltage lower than 2 volts, it won’t jump start. In this case, you can manually override the protection system and let the heavy current flow from the starter to your exhausted battery. This feature can be utilized by pressing the boost button present over the topside of these tools.

Supported battery types and Vehicles

These jump starters can be safely used with 12V lead-acid AGM, MF, EFB, gel, and wet cells. With other voltage batteries, they may cause damage.

GB70 stands above its contestant for vehicle compatibility as it supports heavy-duty vehicle engines. It can jumpstart batteries of cars, trucks, and boats that have 8L gas or 6L diesel capacity.

GB50 shows compatibility with small engine batteries compared to the competitor. Thus, it can be utilized with gas engines up to 7L and diesel engines up to 4.5L capacity.

 GB 70GB 50
Supported batteries12V Lead-acid cells12V Lead-acid cells
Diesel engines6 Liter        4.5 Liter
Gas engines8 Liter7 Liter

NOCO GB50 vs GB70 Pros

Pros of GB 70Pros of GB 50
It can be charged rapidly with a 36W, 3A adapterIt is lightweight and easy to carry
Offers higher peak currentIt is comparatively less expensive
Support heavy engines comparativelyhas extreme temperature indicators

NOCO GB50 vs GB70 Cons

Cons of GB 70Cons of GB 50
Heavy and large sizedProvides lesser peak current
It costs more than the contestantDoes not contain 12V DC ports
 Compatible with relatively smaller engines

NOCO Boost GB50 vs Noco GB70 Video

To Conclude

  • Both starters have a similar design outlook and environmental endurance.
  • These tools rank in the same position for durability and come with the same warranty from their manufacturer.
  • Both devices enable users to boost extremely low-voltage batteries using the Manual override function.


  • It owns a larger battery and provides a higher peak current.
  • Its flashlight is brighter than the contestant’s.
  • It is compatible with high-capacity engines.
  • It offers more jumpstarts per charge relatively.


  • It is relatively lightweight and smaller in size.
  • Sells at a lower price in comparison.