NOCO Boost HD GB70 vs Pro GB150

Both the NOCO Boost HD GB70 and the Noco Pro GB150 are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and provide powerful battery boost, they are compact, so you ensure, your car’s battery never goes down. These battery boosters are suitable for jumping batteries of medium and large sized engines. Alongside that these offer a facility to power DC electronic appliances and recharge mobile devices.  Multi-mode flash make these devices more useful and spark-proof technology ensures consumer safety. These are also capable of restarting the completely exhausted batteries through manual override function

Noco Boost GB70 characterizes a lightweight device with 56 watt-hour internal battery. It discharges a good amount of current to dead engine batteries, restarting them within a few seconds. Powerful built-in LED can work as a flashlight, camping torch or an emergency indicator. HD precision clamps ensure complete connectivity during a jump start.

NOCO Boost HD GB70 vs Pro GB150

Noco GB150 presents the same outlook but has a larger size and weight. Its high power battery stores huge amount of charge and offers numerous jumpstarts on a single charge. Compatibility with heavier engines gives it an edge over the contestant. Moreover, it carries a built-in voltmeter that precisely infers about the voltage of attached batteries.

In comparison with Noco GB70, Noco GB150 shows higher peak current, gives more jumpstarts per charge and supports relatively heavy engines. Also its internal battery, flashlight and voltmeter features are comparatively better however, it costs a higher price.

Side By Side Comparison

SpecificationsBoost HD Noco GB150
Power unit56 W-hr Lithium ion battery89 W-hr Lithium ion battery
Peak Current level2000 Amperes3000 Amperes
Boosts per charge4080
Micro USB Input5 V, 2.1 A5 V, 2.1 A
USB Output5 V, 2.1 A5 V, 2.1 A
12V Input3A fast charging port3A fast charging port
DC output12V, 10A12V, 10A
Safety featureEnabledEnabled
Manual OverdriveEnabledEnabled
LED Flashlight400 Lumens500 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65IP65
Cooling mechanismNatural convectionNatural convection
Unit weight1.9 kg2.9 kg
CertificationsFCC, RoHSFCC, RoHS
Warranty12 months12 months

Jumpstart procedure

Jump starts can be performed easily using both of these Noco jumpers. The procedure includes a few simple steps as follows:

  1. Make sure the ignition system and power drawing functions like AC or radio are switched off.
  2. Attach jumper cable with the starter and precision clamps with respective battery terminals.
  3. When “boost LED” lits white, you have made connections properly. Press power button to jump start.
    If the LED turned red you may have reversed the connections. Rectify the error before you jumpstart.
  4. Restart your vehicle after 30 seconds and pack up all jumping equipment in its storage bag.

Performance in extreme conditions

These tools show optimal functionality in severe temperatures but they should be charged within temperature range of 0° C to +40° C.

 Boost HD NOCO GB150
Work Temperature-20° to +50° C-20° to +50° C
Recharge Temperature0 to +40° C0 to +40° C
Storing Temperature-20 to +50° C-20 to +50° C


Both devices have a similar black and grey outlook and also carry the same output and input ports. These include a micro USB input for USB-enabled adapters, a 2.1 USB output for mobile charging, a 12V input for car charging, a DC output for 12V accessories and the jumper cable socket.

Topside of these Noco boosters show LED indicators and buttons. Moreover, both devices have built-in flashlights, offering 8 different light modes. Each of these products come with a microfiber bag for convenient storage.

However, Noco GB150 has a larger size and weighs about 3kg. Its flashlight has higher luminosity specifying 500 lumens.

Moreover, a built-in voltmeter is also present to analyze battery voltage. Due to these features it ranks design-wise better.

Conversely, Noco GB70 is lightweight and smaller in size. Its built-in light provide 400 lumens flash and it also lacks an integrated voltmeter. So. It ranks below in the competition.

Physical SpecsBoost HD NOCO GB150
ColorBlack & GreyBlack & Grey
Weight (kg)1.9 kg2.9 kg
Height (inches)8.812.4
Width (inches)67.3
Depth (inches)2.82.7


Both GB70 and GB150 have the same recharge efficiency and are rechargeable through micro-USB and DC ports. They enable fast charging through specialized 12V charging socket using noco patented 36W charger.  

Company provides chargers according to the power of starter, a 3A adapter for GB70 and a 5A adapter for GB150. This feature allows quick recharge irrespective of the storage capacity of the device.

With everyday 2A chargers, these tools need 7 hours to refill the charge storage but through fast charging adapter, charge level is restored in 2-3 hours only.

USB Charger RatingBoost HDNOCO GB150
0.5 A28 hrs.28 hrs.
1 A14 hrs.14 hrs.
2 A7 hrs.7 hrs.
12V, 3A, 36W2 -3 hrs.—-
12V, 5A, 36W—-2 -3 hrs.

Internal Battery

Noco GB150 is equipped with a high-capacity battery in comparison. It encases 89 Watt-hour Lithium-ion unit. As it stores higher energy it has the capacity to provide double the number of boosts as offered by its contestant.

Thus, it allows 80 boosts after a single full charge.

On the other side, internal battery of Noco GB70 specifies electrical power of 56 Watt-hour. Due to lesser charge storage, it gives fewer jump starts per charge.

After charging to full potential it can restart dead batteries 40 times.

Peak Starting Current

GB150 shows a superior jump start performance owing to the benefit from its high-power battery. With the massive peak value of 3000 Amperes, it is capable of supplying heavy current influx to lifeless batteries.

In contrast. GB70 has a low capacity unit, holding comparatively less amount of charge. That is why it offers smaller discharges while jumping dead batteries, it peak rating is reported as high as 2000 Amperes.

Manual Override

Both starters integrate spark-proof technology that prevents heavy discharges because high current influx can trigger sparks, resulting in short circuits. When battery voltage is extremely low (less than 2 volts), these starters automatically stop working to ensure safety.

However, you can still jumpstart your vehicle bypassing the safety systems, press manual override button to deliver heavy current to exhausted battery.

GB150 shows the exact voltage of battery through built-in voltmeter and helps you decide better whether there is need of manual override or not.

Supported Vehicles Models and battery types

These tools are only useful for jumping and recharging 12V lead-acid batteries. It is highly dangerous to use these for other voltage levels or battery types.

With respect to vehicle compatibility, Pro has higher efficiency as it supports heavy duty engines that have 9 liter or 7 liter diesel capacity. HD shows compatibility with relatively low capacity engines, supporting 8 liter gas and 6 liter diesel engines.


Boost HDNOCO GB150
Economical pricingLarger peak amperage and charge storage
8 safety systemsMore boosts per charge
Fast rechargingLarger peak amperage and charge storage
Lightweight and compact deviceHigher Peak current rating
 Compatibility with larger capacity engines
 500 Lumens flashlight


Boost HDNOCO GB150
Lower charge storage and peak current valueHigher price
Fewer jumpstarts per rechargeHeavy device
Less bright flash 
Lacks integrated voltmeter 
400 lumens flash 


Both these boosters are efficiently built from quality plastic material and ergonomic metal. Alongside, they carry established electrochemical units that store charge efficiently. Both devices maintain the charge level for more than 12 months. Their durable performance is assured by Noco through a 1-year replacement warranty for each of these products.


Pro is priced higher than its competitor because it provides better jump starts, support for larger engines and brighter lighting. It can be purchased from $290 to $400.

Boost HD stands more economical as it presents reliable facility to energize 12V batteries and a multifunctional torch at a low retail price. Its buying cost ranges from $180 to $270.

Quick Summary

  • Both jump starter show a similar design but Boost HD is compact and lightweight.
  • Boost Pro has brighter flash and built-in voltmeter
  • Internal battery of GB150 has more electrical power and larger charge storage capacity.
  • Both booster allow fast recharge and manual override feature.
  • Pro shows a support for comparatively heavy duty engines.
  • Both boosters carry 1 year manufacturer warranty.
  • GB70 is priced lesser in comparison.