Gooloo GP4000 VS NOCO GB150

Both Gooloo GP4000 and the NOCO GB150 are jumpstarters that show your car’s battery some love. The Gooloo GP4000 is composed by Gooloo, whereas GB150 is designed by Noco. Both jump-starters are proved much reliable in the case of emergencies. GP4000 is capable of boosting all gas engines and up to 10L of diesel engines, whereas its peer can assist up to 9L of gas and 7L of diesel engines.

Gooloo GP4000 features a compact 99.2 Watt-hour Lithium-polymer battery. Its maximum starting current is up to 4000A which is enough to support heavy engines. You get up to 30 boosts by charging it for a single time. Moreover, its USB ports allow you to charge smartphones and tablets. It has a 100 Lumen LED flashlight but lacks a manual override element. Also, it is equipped with various safety standards like spark-proof protection and reverse polarity protection which adds to its reliability.

Gooloo GP4000 VS NOCO GB150

Noco GB150 is powered by a 88 Watt-hour Lithium-ion battery which can boost your vehicle within seconds. Its peak starting current touches 3000 Amperes only, so it can’t jump-start heavier engines as its counterpart can. It grants 40 boosts per charge and is provided with manual override property. Its USB ports allow it to act as a power bank for charging various devices. Its 500 Lumen LED flashlight is much stronger than that of its peer. Furthermore, it is also equipped with reverse polarity and spark-proof protection.

Gooloo GP4000, as compared to its competitor is a better selection as it can assist greater capacities of gas and diesel engines. Moreover, it offers higher values of peak starting current. It takes lesser time in recharging and has a longer warranty span. Along with these superiorities, it is much cheaper as compared to its rival.

Gooloo GP4000 VS NOCO GB150 Comparison

Internal Battery99.2 Wh Lithium-polymer88 Wh Lithium-ion  
Peak Current Rating4000A3000A
Number of Boosts per Charge3040
Micro USB Input5V/2.1A5V/2.1A
USB Output5V/2.1A5V/2.1A
12V Input/ Output Ports YesYes
Safety FeaturesYesYes
Manual OverrideNoYes
LED Flashlight100 Lumen500 Lumen
Housing Protection IP65
Warranty1.5 year1 year
Price (US Dollars)160$ – 180$290$ – 310$

How to Operate?

All the jump-starters are provided with the clamps which are to be connected with the dead car’s battery to jump-start it. Above mentioned starters are identically operated by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Attach the wires of the booster with the sockets of your starter device.
  • Connect the provided clamps of your starter with the positive and negative terminals of the dead battery.
  • Press the power button to turn on your starter.
  • Start your car engine and then detach the clamps.

However, in the case of environmental conditions, GP4000 offers a greater range of charging and storage temperatures, whereas GB150 can be operated at a lower temperature as compared to its rival.

Environmental ConditionsGP4000GB150
Operating Temperature-20° – 60°C-30° – 50°C
Charging Temperature0° – 45°C0° – 40°C
Storage Temperature-20° – 60°C-20° – 50°C


Gooloo GP4000 is a rectangular-shaped jump-starter that weighs less compared to its peer. It is usually yellow-grey or orange-grey coloured which adds to its attractiveness. Its portable battery cell is composed of Lithium-polymer. It has dual USB ports and one Type-C port for charging mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc. Its edges are coated with rubber to avoid scratches. Its 100 Lumen LED flashlight has three modes (Strobe, SOS, Continuous). Moreover, it is smaller in dimensions as compared to its competitor.

NOCO GB150 is also a rectangular grey-coloured jump-starter. It is heavier and has greater dimensions as compared to its opponent. It features a Lithium-ion battery cell composition. It has 12V in/out ports and USB in/out ports. The power button, power LED, manual override button, error LED, charge LED and voltmeter are present on its front panel. Moreover, it has a 500 Lumen LED flashlight with seven different light modes (low, medium, high, strobe, flashing, emergency, and SOS).

Physical CharacteristicsGP4000GB150
ColourYellow-Grey/ Orange-GreyGrey
Weight (lbs)4.247.5
Length (inches)8.916.8
Width (inches)1.49.2
Height (inches)3.94.0

However, GP4000 gives you a variety in colours and has a decent outlook as compared to its rival but GB150 has a more efficient hardware interface with some additional features.


Gooloo GP4000 possesses a rechargeable battery that takes about 7 hours to get fully charged at 0.5-amp of current. By increasing current up to 1-amp this time is reduced to 5 hours. However, by using Gooloo’s 100W fast charging feature this time is further reduced to 1.2 hours as the supply of current is increased to 2-amp.

NOCO GB150 takes much more time in recharging. At 0.5-amp of current, it takes about 45 hours to get fully charged. At 1-amp of current, this time is decreased to 22 hours. At 2-amp this charging time is further reduced to 11 hours.

USB Charger RatingGP4000GB150
0.5A7 hours44 hours
1A5 hours22 hours
2A1.2 hours11 hours

Peak Starting Current

Heavier engines demand a higher starting current to initiate the car’s dead battery. Each Jump-starters offers a  specific peak starting current that is compatible with different engines. GP4000 offers a peak starting current of 4000A, whereas its peer’s maximum starting current is limited to 3000A. Therefore, GP4000 can jump-start heavier engines as compared to its opponent.

Manual Override

Starters equipped with this feature have built-in auto detectors which detect the low battery percentage and begin to auto-charge the battery. NOCO GB150 has a manual override property and is provided with the manual override button which is to be pressed to enjoy this feature. Whereas, GP4000 lacks manual override property and stops working when the battery level is too low to operate the starter.

Battery Types Supported

Both jump-starters are capable of supporting any 12V lead-acid battery. Some common lead-acid batteries supported by these starters are:

  • AGM batteries
  • Conventional UTV batteries
  • Gel-Cell batteries
  • Wet-Cell batteries

Supported Vehicles Models

Both starters are designed for passenger cars, trucks, lawnmowers, snowmobiles, UTVs, ATVs, watercraft etc. Both are compatible with either gas or diesel engines. Gooloo GP4000 can support any capacity of gas engines and up to 10L of diesel engines, whereas its counterpart can assist up to 9L of gas and 7L of diesel engines.

Advantages of these JumpStarters

Is compatible with greater capacities of gas and diesel engines.Gives more boosts per charge.
Has a more powerful internal battery.Has a stronger LED  flashlight.
Has a higher peak starting current. Is equipped with manual override property.
Takes lesser time in recharging.Is equipped with housing protection (IP65)

Disadvantages to these Jumpstarters

Lacks a manual override feature.Has a lower peak starting current.
LED flashlight is weaker and has only three modes.Is compatible with lower capacities of gas and diesel engines.  
Provides fewer boosts per charge.Takes more time in recharging.
Lacks housing protection.Is expensive.


Both starters offer manufacturer warranty for their users. However, both have a limited warranty duration but is enough to claim faulty products. Gooloo GP4000 offers a warranty period of 1.5 years and GB150’s warranty span is fixed to 1 year. So, choosing the former gives you extra 6 months to reclaim your starter.


Noco’s jump-starters are much more expensive as compared to that of Gooloo’s. GP4000’s price varies between 160$ and 180$ whereas, its counterpart’s price ranges from 290$ to 310$. However, the former beat its peer in many of its properties but the latter being designed by the well-known Noco brand is costly.

Quick Summary

  • GP4000 is designed by Gooloo, whereas GB150 is the product of Noco.
  • GP4000 is capable of supporting greater capacities of gas and diesel engines.
  • GP4000 has a higher peak starting current.
  • GP4000 takes lesser time in recharging.
  • GP4000 has a stronger internal battery.
  • GB150 delivers more boosts per charge.
  • GB150 has a stronger LED flashlight.
  • GP4000 offers a longer warranty duration.
  • GB150 is higher priced.