Gooloo GP4000 vs Gooloo GP2000

Both the Gooloo GP4000 and the Gooloo GP2000 are powerful jump starters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. These are heavy-duty jump starters from the Titan series by Gooloo that can boost up empty batteries of gas or diesel engines as well as tablets and mobile. Multiple USB outputs, type C in/ out port, and advanced DC port make the charging and discharging ability of these devices very efficient.

Gooloo GP4000 shows a superior performance taking the benefit from its capacious internal battery and high peak discharges. Greater current influx upon cranking make jumping action further quick and efficient. Compact design allows easy management and a bright 1-watt flashlight featuring multiple modes make it useful as camping or working light. It stores up a high charge and restores engine and mobile batteries many times over a single charge.

Gooloo GP4000 vs GP2000

Gooloo GP2000 carries a 19800 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, offering quick restoration of dead batteries. Being lightweight and compact, it can be stored without any hassle in its EVA storage shell. Supersafe technology employs numerous mechanisms to prevent overloading of the battery or spark triggering due to reverse polarity, resulting in a strong resistance against short circuits. A lower price makes it more economical in comparison.

In comparison to Gooloo GP2000, GP4000 has a high volume battery, shows a higher peak current rating, supplies more charge on cranking, work for heavier engines, and provides more starts per charge. However, its price and weight are relatively higher.

Gooloo GP4000 vs Gooloo GP2000 (The Good & The Bad)

Both devices rank equally in terms of durability and come with the same warranty. Their efficient batteries last for more than one thousand cycles and a compact hard plastic layout makes these starters last for a longer time.

Gooloo backs these titan series products with a warranty of up to 12 months, offering a replacement in case of damaged equipment. Moreover, an additional warranty for 1 year can also be purchased.

Pros of GP4000Pros of GP2000
Can jump start high-capacity, heavy enginesComparatively inexpensive
Provides more boosts per single chargeA lightweight battery booster
Contains a high power batteryEfficient charging ports
Work efficiently even in extremes temperature 


Cons of GP4000Cons of GP2000
Carries a higher price tagSuitable for relatively smaller engines
Weighs heavier than its competitorThe internal battery can store lesser charge
 Gives a lesser number of starts per charge

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsGooloo GP4000Gooloo GP2000
Internal Battery26800 mAh Lithium-Ion19800 mAh Lithium-Ion
Peak Current Rating4000 A2000 A
Starting current800A (3s), 500A(s)500A (3s), 400A (5s)
Number of boosters per charge3020
DC Output15V, 10A15V, 10A
Input/ Output ports1 x USB QC output 1 x 5V, 2.1A USB output 1 x 15W in/out Type C port (5V/ 2.4A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/1.5A)1 x USB QC output 1 x 5V, 2.1A USB output 1 x 15W in/out Type C port (5V/ 2.4A, 9V/ 2A, 12V/1.5A)
Safety featureYesYes
Battery cycle life1000 times1000 times
LED Flashlight1Watt, white light1Watt, white light
CertificationUL 2743, FCC, RoHS, CEUL 2743, CE, FCC, RoHS
Unit weight4.24 lbs.2.81 lbs.
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US dollars)165 $ to 200$100 $ to 150$

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Operation Comparison

Both Gooloo starters utilize an identical procedure to charge up a dead battery. These devices can be operated in the following easy and simple steps;

  • Turn off the ignition system and power gadgets of the car to reduce power consumption.
  • Attach clamps-cable into jumper cables socket of the device.
  • Attach clamps to respective battery terminals.
  • Power on the starter to boost the empty battery.
  • Restart the engine and remove the starter equipment.

These devices can be used effectively in colder regions even when the temperature falls to -20° Celsius and remain functional up to 40° C. Likewise these can be recharged effectively in a wide temperature range.

Environmental ConditionsGP4000GP2000
Operating Temperatures-20° to +40° C-20° to +40° C
Charging Temperature0° to +45° C0° to +45° C

Design Differences

Both devices have a similar outlook and size but Gooloo GP4000 weighs heavier than its competitor. It comes in yellow and orange variants with an EVA storage box. Ports’ panel includes in/out type C, QC output, 5V/ 2.1A output, DC output, and jumper cable socket.  The power button and battery indicator are present on the upper side. It also contains a 1W LED flashlight that can be utilized in three modes (SOS, Strobe, and Stable).

Gooloo GP2000 is identical design-wise and carries the same input and output sockets and LED torch. However, it is comparatively lightweight and is available in red and yellow variants. Both devices can be easily handled due to their small size, moreover, advanced USB and DC ports allow faster charging and discharging.

Physical CharacteristicsGP4000GP2000
ColorBlack and Yellow/ OrangeBlack and Yellow/ Red
Weight (lbs.)4.242.81
Height (inches)1.491.29
Width (inches)3.923.92
Length (inches)8.978.97


Both boosters carry charging ports and can be easily recharged through AC or DC power supply via respective adapters. As they carry high-power batteries, they also require a long time to restore their full potential, taking 7 hrs for a single charge. Although Gooloo GP4000 stores more charge yet its efficient charging interface allows fast charging and it powers up completely at the same time as its competitor.

Charging time7 hrs.7 hrs.

Internal Battery

GP4000 scores higher for internal battery capacity as it employs a 26800 mAh Lithium-Ion cell. It can hold a higher charge in comparison and gives more boosts on a single charge. It can jumpstart 30 times after charging to its full potential.

GP2000 is equipped with a 19800 mAh Lithium-Ion internal battery and stands below its competitor for its capacity to store charge. Lesser charge storage eventually leads to a lesser number of boosts per charging, giving 20 jump starts with a single charge.

Jump Starts3020
iPhone6 charges8 charges
iPad Mini2 charges3 charges

Peak Starting Current

Both these starters are suitable for powering up large engine batteries but Gooloo GP4000 takes the lead as it provides a higher peak current and a higher cranking current as well. It shows the massive peak rating of 4000A ensuring the instantaneous jump-starts. Upon cranking it supplies 800A for the first 3 seconds and then maintains the influx at 500A for the next 5 seconds.

On the other side, Gooloo GP2000 shows lesser ratings for peak current and starting current. It can maximally supply 2000 Ampere to restore a dead battery. It provides 500A starting current for the first three seconds and 400A for the next 5.


These devices employ 8 protection features to avoid mishaps and ensure user safety. These systems prevent overcharge, over-current, over-discharge and also safeguard against reverse connections, reverse polarity and reverse charge. Moreover, short circuit prevention mechanisms are enabled to minimize fire and explosion risks.

Supported Vehicles Models

Both tools can charge up large batteries of heavy-duty engines but GP4000 is compatible with relatively bigger engines. It can restart all types of gas engines without any trouble. Diesel engines up to the capacity of 10 Liters can be started with this starter.

Gooloo GP2000 is capable of starting comparatively smaller engines than the contestant. It can power up a gas engine with a maximum capacity of 9 Liters and a diesel engine with a 7 Liter capacity.

Gas engineAll9 L
Diesel engine10 L7 L


Gooloo GP2000 comes for a lower price than its competitor, offering a reliable performance as a jump starter and a mobile power bank.  It costs about 100$ to 150$.

On the other side, GP4000 costs higher for its superior battery power, high charge storage, and compatibility with larger engines. It can be bought from 165 $ to 200$.

Quick Summary

  • Both are suitable for gas and diesel engines but GP4000 is compatible with relatively heavier engines.
  • Jump starting procedure is similar for both products.
  • GP4000 has a large charge storing capacity due to its high power battery.
  • GP4000 provides a high current influx at cranking and peak level.
  • Design, size, ports’ panel, and flashlight power are same for both products.
  • GP2000 is lightweight as compared to the contestant.
  • Both devices enable fast charging and take the same time to recharge.
  • Both tools carry same warranties from the manufacturer.
  • GP2000 is a relatively inexpensive tool to power up batteries.