Gooloo GT4000 vs GP4000

Both the Gooloo GT4000 and the Gooloo GP4000 are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Both of these Gooloo starters are equipped with high-power cells that jump-start lifeless batteries and supply power to DC appliances as well. QC 3.0 ports enable faster charging of devices and 15V DC outputs provide effective charging through cigarette adaptor.

Gooloo GP4000 presents a cleaner layout, two color schemes, and compact size. It carries a Lithium polymer battery that can discharge current up to 4000 Amperes.

Gooloo GT4000 vs GP4000

With a massive 26800 mAh electric capacity, it ranks as a reliable power bank for mobile devices. Its powerful current influx makes it useful for jumping batteries of high-capacity engines.

On the other side, Gooloo GT4000 shows design modifications like LCD monitor, and 100W charging port, making it more user-friendly than its competitor.

An AI software regulates the functioning of this booster and ensures automatic responses against various kinds of error.

The 400 Lumen LED comes in handy for working in the dark, and emergencies as well.

As compared with GP4000, GT4000 has fast recharging capacity and more convenient design features. However, it carries an internal battery with the same electric power, provides the same peak level and starting current and comes with the same warranty period whereas the price is higher than its competitor.

Gooloo GT4000 vs GP4000 Specs Catalogue

Power unitLithium polymer cell
26800 mAh
Lithium polymer battery 26800 mAh
Peak Discharge Level4000 Amperes4000 Amperes
Starting Current800A for 3s800A for 3s 500A for 5s
DC Output15V, 10A (150 W max)10A, 15V
Output/ Input ports1 x USB QC 3.0 output
(5V, 9V, 12V)   1 x in/out Type C port (PD100W)   1 x 5V, 2.4A USB output  
1 x 15W in/out Type C port (9V/ 2A, 5V/ 2.4A, 12V/1.5A)   1 x 5V, 2.1A USB output   1 x USB QC 3.0 output
Protection featuresIncludedIncluded
Battery life (charge/ discharge cycles)1000 cycles1000 cycles
LED light power400 Lumens, white lightwhite light, 1 W
CertificationCE, UL 2743, FCC, RoHSFCC, UL 2743, CE,  RoHS
Jumper weight1100g820g
Warranty1 year1 year
Cost210 $ to 270$170 $ to 220$

Jumpstart tutorial

Both starters can be easily employed to jump-start dead units. Following steps provide a quick boost to vehicle batteries;

  • Switch off the combustion system and energy-consuming features of the car like radio, headlights, etc.
  • Plug-in jumper cable into the designated socket of the device.
  • Connect the red clamp with the positive terminal and black clamps with the negative terminal of the vehicle’s battery. The connections are accurate if the cable-indicator shows a solid green light.
  • Start the vehicle after a short interval and detach the jumper cables from the battery and starter.

Working in extreme conditions

Both starters are effective in extremely low and high temperatures, however, GT4000 ranks superior as it integrates pre-heating technology that let it operate in colder surroundings even at -40° F.  Moreover, it can work in higher temperatures than its competitor.

Working Temperatures-40° to +140° F-4° to +104° F


Gooloo GP4000 shows a clean, classic battery-style look and specifies a compact size and lesser weight. It is available in two color schemes; and comes with an EVA zipper case for easy, and safe storage. It carries two USB ports, one of which is QC enabled, and recharges the mobile devices quickly.

Moreover, a 15W Type-C In/ Out port and 15 Volt DC port is also present for efficient recharging of smartphones and electric appliances. The upper portion only contains a charge level indicator and power button while the rest of the sockets and flashlight are present along the sidewalls. It has a 1 Watt LED that works in three different modes (strobe, SOS, and stable).

The outlook of Gooloo GT4000 is more aggressive, it is a red and black booster unit that is slightly larger and heavier than its competitor. It carries the same DC and USB ports but its Type-C port has a 150W interface. Its LED provides light with 400 Lumens brightness, enabling the same three modes. A 3.2-inch LCD screen makes it superior to the competitor as it provides accurate information about charge level, battery power, and pre-heating temperature.

Moreover, it gives low-battery, low-current, low-temperature, ready-to-start, and reverse polarity indications. The boost option is another advantage it has, allowing it to supply a huge amount of charge to an extremely low voltage battery. However, it does not come with a hard EVA storage case instead a sac-style storage pouch is included that does not provide much safety to the equipment.

Design FeaturesGT4000GP4000
ColorRed and BlackBlack and Orange/ Yellow
Width3.89 inches3.92 inches
Height2.08 inches1.49 inches
Length9.01 inches8.97 inches
Weight1100 g820 g

Booster Recharge

These jumpers can be recharged via a type-C port using a wall charger and via a DC port using a car charger. Although the capacity of both devices is the same, Gooloo GP4000 takes more time to replenish its power level due to the less competent charging port.  It needs 7 hours to recharge to its full potential.

On the other side, GT4000 gets recharged quickly and takes 3x lesser time to restore its charge level. This efficiency is credited to the 100W charging port that let it charge to its full potential only in about 1.2 hrs. If you recharge the completely discharged jumper for 3 minutes, it will store enough charge to jump-start a car.

Recharge time1.2 hours7 hours

Peak Current rating

Both Gooloo products rank equal when we compare them for amperage level as both of these employ an internal battery with 26800mAh electric power and their peak levels can rise to 4000 A. Similarly both devices supply the same amount of charge to dead batteries, presenting the same starting current. At cranking, these boosters discharge 800 Amperes for the first 3 seconds.

Protection features

Both of these jumpers automatically stop working if they detect an error untill the connections are made properly. Eight safety features are employed in Gooloo GP4000 to ensure safe jump-starts and prevent accidents. These features provide safety against;

  1. Over Charge
  2. Over Discharge
  3. Over Current
  4. Reverse Polarity
  5. Reverse Connections
  6. Reverse Charge
  7. Short Circuit
  8. Over Temperature

GT4000 takes the lead over the competitor as it has 10 safety features and integrates AI software to monitor the efficiency of its protective mechanisms. Moreover, its SuperSafe technology includes a spark-proof mechanism as well.

Supported Batteries

Both tools can jump 12 V engine batteries and can be used to power up electric appliances that utilize 12V units. However, any other battery voltage (6V, 24V, etc) is not supported by these boosters. However, Gooloo GT4000 provides more charges for mobile devices.

iPad Mini3 charges2 times
iPhone8 charges6 times

Compatible Vehicles

When it comes to compatibility with vehicle batteries, GP4000 takes the lead as it supported high capacity engines than its competitor. It can jump-start diesel engines with a capacity of up to 10 liters and all gas engines.

Conversely, GT4000 shows compatibility with low-capacity gas engines. Though it supports diesel-powered or hybrid engines with the same 10 Liters capacity yet it can only start gas engines that have a capacity of up to 12 Liters.

Diesel capacity10 Liters10 Liters
Gas capacity12 LitersAll

Pros and Cons.

Gooloo GT4000GP4000 ProsGooloo GT4000 Pros
Lower pricePre-heating tech; works in extreme temperatures
Compact size3.2’’ LCD monitor
Supports large capacity gas enginesThree times quicker recharging
Two color variantsEnhanced safety features
Gooloo GP4000 ConsGooloo GT4000 Cons
Works in a reduced temperature rangeRelatively expensive
No LCD screen for monitoring Restarts low capacity engines
Takes more time to rechargeSingle color variant
Lesser protection features 


These starters are built from durable hard plastic and encase efficient battery units, thus, they provide a sound power backup for a long duration. Their longevity is supported by Gooloo with a replacement warranty for 12 months. Moreover, an extended 1-year warranty is also provided by the company to exclusive subscribers.


Gooloo GP4000 offers the same ratings for peak current and starting amperage at a comparatively lower expense. Its price varies from 170 $ to 220$.

Gooloo GT4000 is an expensive jumper in comparison but the 3.2-inch LCD monitor and optimum working in extreme temperatures provide a good justification for the higher price. It can be purchased for 210 $ to 270$.

Wrap up

  • Both devices are useful for powering up 12V batteries. GP4000 supports batteries of heavier gas engines.
  • Both employ the same operating method, GT4000 also has a boost option.
  • Battery power, peak current rating, and starting current is same of these products.
  • GT4000 offers more convenience through LCD monitor and 100W charging port.
  • Warranty period is the same for both of these boosters.
  • GP4000 costs lesser money than its competitor.