GOOLOO Gp-37 Plus vs GOOLOO GE 1200

Both GOOLOO Gp-37 Plus and the GOOLOO GE 1200 are jumpstarters that show your car’s battery some loveGp-37 comes in with a slightly more compact design meanwhile GE 1200 has a marginally larger size. Both products support multiple gasoline and diesel engines including cars, boats, SUVs, and trucks up to similar capacities and possess an identical pre-installed battery.

Gooloo Gp-37 has a 12 V installed lithium battery having a capacity of 66.6 Wh providing an output current of 1200 Amps and peak current up to an impressive 18000 mAh. This jump starter supports both gasoline and diesel engines up to 7.0 L and 5.5 L respectively. Its overall lower size and weight make it easier to handle without any hassle. Ultra-bright flashlight possession with three different modes makes night vision clear in case of any emergency.

GOOLOO Gp-37 Plus vs GOOLOO GE 1200

The quick-charging port is available for giving output power to charge up different portable devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. The low operating temperature allows this product to be used during any extreme weather condition. It has several safety features like short circuit protection, high power surge shielding, reverse polarity safeguarding, and protection against higher charges.

Gooloo GE 1200 also comes in with a capacity of 66.6 Wh lithium battery to deliver a current of 1200 Amps to charge up any 12 V battery. The maximum peak current provided by this jumper is 18000 mAh and is used to charge up gasoline engines up to 7.0 L and diesel engines exceeding up to 5.5 L.

It contains several safety features to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of the device including over-voltage safeguarding, overloading protection, and high-temperature shielding. Like its counterpart, it possesses a flashlight with three different modes to tackle night emergencies. The charge indicator (LED) present on the device helps in depicting when the device is required to be charged.

In contrast to GE 1200, the price of Gp-37 is cheap, has easy handling, and provides similar high peak starting currents at such a low price. But the jumping cables available with this device are short which causes hurdles during its operation.

GOOLOO Gp-37 Plus vs GE 1200 Contrast Table

SpecificationsGp-37 PlusGE 1200
Internal Battery Capacity66.6 Ah66.6 Ah
Peak Current Rating18000 mAh18000 mAh
Instant Current Rating1200 Amps1200 Amps
12 V DC outputYesYes
Output PortTwo USB outlet ports One 12V DC outletTwo USB outlet ports One 12V DC outlet
LED FlashlightYesYes
Unit weight1.17 pounds  2.64 pounds
Storage bagAvailableAvailable  
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US dollars)50 $60 $

Supported Vehicles Models

These jumpers support gasoline engines up to 7.0 L and diesel engines up to 5.5 L. They can be used to charge up the batteries of cars, SUVs, motorbikes, trucks, boats, and several other vehicle types.

Pros & Cons.

Pros of Gooloo Gp-37 PlusPros of Gooloo GE 1200
It has a small and compact design.It also has a compact design and similar dimensions to that of its twin.
The handling of this device is easier due to its lower weight.The peak current delivery of this device is quite high besides possessing a smaller size.
It is available at a relatively lower price.Numerous safety features are present on this device to ensure shielding against unexpected situations.
The overall performance of this device is quite satisfactory at such a nominal price.The bright flashlight with three modes makes night visions clearer.
A powerful LED flashlight is present to tackle situations during night emergencies.A year-long warranty is provided by the manufacturer of this device.
It exhibits numerous safety features to nullify any dangerous circumstances. –
The product has 12 months limited warranty. –
Cons of Gp-37 PlusCons of GE 1200
The jump cables are not long enough.The price of this device is greater.
 –The handling of this device is relatively more difficult.


The manufacturer of these jump starters is identical that provides a similar warranty for both of its products. These devices have a limited warranty of 12 months and additional 6 months for membership persons. The RoHS certification further allows the use of these products without any harmful impact on the environment.

How to operate?

The working procedure of both these jump starters is similar and is given as:

  • Insert one clamp with the connector port of the booster.
  • Connect both clamps with the respective terminals of the battery.
  • The blinking of the LED indicator will show that the device is started.
  • Now start the engine to power up the dead car battery.

Both starters share a similar temperature for working as well as their charging conditions are also alike.

Environmental ConditionsGp-37 PlusGE 1200
Operating Temperature-20°C to 40°C-20°C to 40°C
Charging Temperature0°C to 45°C0°C to 45°C


The overall look and design of these products are quite familiar. The lithium battery is inserted into a plane and sleeky rectangular plastic casing with rounded edges. The front side of the booster contains a power button on the top side and a battery level indicator just beneath this button with a company logo located on the bottom side.

A socket for connecting clamp is located on one of the sidewalls along with an input 15V/ 1 Amp input port for charging up this product quickly and two USB 3.0 ports. A 12V/10 Amp output port is also available for charging other portable devices.

Above the USB sockets, there is a flashlight button. The torch is present on the top side of the device exhibiting three modes: normal, strobe, and SOS. The clamps that connect to the battery terminals come with the packaging.    

These jumpers have a compact design as both of them share equal dimensions (length, width, and height). However, when it comes to weight, Gooloo GP37 plus is ahead because of its much lighter weight. This causes the handling of the Gooloo GP37 plus easier compared to its peer.

Physical CharacteristicsGooloo Gp-37 PlusGooloo GE 1200
Weight (lbs.)1.172.66
Height (inches)1.421.42
Width (inches)2.952.95
Length (inches)6.186.18


Both these devices support fast charging. For serving this purpose, these products feature a 15V/ 1 Amps port to recharge themselves quickly. The time of their recharging is same as both possess a similar capacity of installed battery.

They can be easily charged through wall sockets or regular home charging adaptors and can also be recharged by a car charging adaptor and also from cigarette chargers. These battery boosters are advised to be recharged if they are not used after the duration of every two months (60 days).

Peak Starting Current

The amount of current delivered for a particular time interval by the jumper is referred to as its peak starting current. For heavy engines, higher peak currents are more recommendable and vice versa.

In this case, both jumpers share identical peak initiating currents. This makes them equally compatible in starting up heavy engines.

Price Difference

The pricing of Gp-37 Plus is less in comparison to GE 1200. Gp-37 Plus is available at a price tag of 50 US Dollars. The high peak currents along with easy handling make this device a better value for money option. On the other hand, GE 1200 cost is much greater than its peer. The price of this device is around 60 US Dollars.


  • These devices support gasoline along with diesel engines up to a similar specific capacity.
  • The peak starting current of these jumpers is similar.
  • The overall dimension and size of these products are identical.
  • The handling of Gp-37 Plus is easier because of its lower weight.
  • Several safety features available in these devices help in shielding against any unexpected event.
  • The recharging time of both products is alike because of installed batteries of similar capacities.
  • The warranty interval of these devices is identical.
  • GE 1200 is costlier compared to its counterpart.