Hulkman Alpha 85 vs Noco GB70

Both the Hulkman Alpha 85 and the Noco GB70 are powerful jump starters, that are talented and supply powerful battery boost, they are compact, so you ensure, your car’s battery never goes down.Alpha 85 can jump start up to 8.5 litres of gas and about 6 litres of diesel engines, whereas GB70 can jump start 8 litres of gas and 6 litres of diesel engine. Both are compatible with 12V batteries and are designed for passenger cars.

Hulkman Alpha 85 includes a 64Wh lithium-polymer battery capable of providing 2000 amperes of current to initiate any dead battery. It can also act as a 2000mAh power bank, so, it can be used for charging devices as well. Moreover, 12-volt 10-ampere ports are installed in it to charge any 12V DC device. It gives you an edge to jump-start your vehicle 60 times in only a single charge. It also offers a three-mode flashlight and its 3.3-inch screen display makes it a user-friendly product.

Hulkman Alpha 85 vs Noco GB70

Noco GB70 features a 56Wh lithium-ion battery which is also specialized to supply current at the rate of 2000 amperes to jump-start a dead battery. It can also charge any 12V DC device as it offers 12-volt, 15-ampere ports. It provides 40 jump starts in a single charge. Moreover, it has a unified 400-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes.

As compared to Noco GB70, Hulkman Alpha 85 has a battery of higher capacity and offers 65W fast charging feature. Moreover, it provides more starts per charge and supports heavier engines respectively. Also, its lower price with exceptional features always places it ahead of GB70.

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationAlpha 85GB70
Internal Battery64Wh lithium-polymer56Wh lithium-ion
Peak Current Rating2000 A2000 A
Number of Boosts per Charge6040
Micro USB Input12V, 3A
USB Output12V, 10A12V, 15A
12V Input/ Output PortsYesYes
Safety FeatureYesYes
Manual OverdriveYesYes
LED Flashlight400 Lumens400 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65 (w/ports closedIP65 (w/ports closed)
Unit Weight2 lbs3.9 lbs
Unit Weight with clamps and accessories3.6 lbs5 lbs
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US Dollars)150$200$


Hulkman Alpha 85 features a beautiful design with a 3.3-inch LED, which boldly shows the battery percentage. The power button is provided which turns on/off the device and once it is turned on the LED displays ‘ready’, which means it is ready to be operated. Whereas, the other button is the light button, which is to be pressed and hold to turn on the two beautiful LED lights. Its USB-A, USB-C and 12V DC port makes it more than a jump starter. Its other side features ports where the clamp cables are connected.

Noco GB70 possess a lithium-powered multiple mode LED which servers as a power, charging, boost and error indicator. Its USB outlets and 12V power port make it a multifunctional device. It has manual mode, light mode and power button on the front side. Moreover, just like its counterpart it also imparts a 400-lumen LED flashlight. The ports for the clamp cables are on one side whereas the micro-USB and other ports are on the opposite side.

Both jump starters vary in dimensions and weight and have different battery capacities. However, both possess an elegant outlook and are quite easy to use.

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Physical CharacteristicsAlpha 85GB70
ColorSpace GrayGray
Weight (lbs)3.65
Height (inches)1.83.7
Width (inches)4.07.4
Length (inches)9.012.6


Alpha provides a 65W high-speed charge technology so that you can charge it fully just within 1.5 hours. However, you can start your car by charging it for 5 minutes as only 20% of its power is required to start the vehicle.

Whereas, the charging time of Noco GB70 is expanded to 6 hours (at 1-ampere) as it lacks high-speed charging technologies. Powered USBs are provided in its case which can charge the battery in a minimum time of 3 hours when the current rate is nearly 2-ampere. This charging time can be further improved to 2 hours when it is done via vehicle’s auxiliary port.

USB Charger RatingAlpha 85GB70
0.5 A12 hrs
1 A6 hrs
2 A3 hrs

Peak Starting Current

The starting current depends upon the size of the engine. Both compatible jump starters are designed for vehicles having the same-sized engine therefore their peak current values are also equal. Both supply current of 2000-ampere, which is more than enough to start heavy engines.

Manual Override

Alpha 85 lacks a manual override feature as it has no built-in auto battery detector. So this starter will stop working if the battery level is too low and demands urgent charging. This is due to the safety features of this jump starter.

On the other hand, GB70 is provided with a manual override element which allows the battery to charge automatically when it is about to die. This feature gives this jump starter an edge over its counterpart.

Battery Types Supported

Alpha 85 is equipped with a 64Wh lithium-polymer battery, which allows 60 starts per single charge. This battery enables this jump starter to support any 12V battery. Moreover, it can be recharged within minutes due to its 65W high-speed charging feature.

GB70 features a 56Wh lithium-ion battery which supports 40 starts per charge. Its manual override feature adds to the comfort but for charging, only powered USB ports are provided. As its battery takes more time to get charged so it is slightly less preferable as compared to its competitor.

Supported Vehicle Models

Both jump starters are designed for any 12V battery and support both gas and diesel engines. Alpha 85 supports 8.5 liters of gas and 6 liters of diesel engines whereas GB70 assists 8 liters of gas and 6 liters of diesel engines. So, in the case of supporting gasoline engines Alpha 85 is slightly ahead of its opponent.

Hulkman Alpha 85 vs Noco GB70 Pros

Alpha 85GB70
It supports 64Wh lithium-polymer battery.It has 12V and 15A ports.
It offers 60 starts per single charge.It has a manual override feature.
It offers 65W high-speed charging.

Hulkman Alpha 85 vs Noco GB70 Cons

Alpha 85GB70
It lacks a manual override feature.It lacks force start function.
Features 12V and 10A ports.It does not have any fast-charging feature.

It supports only 40 starts in a single charge.

It is expensive than its counterpart.


Alpha 85 is cheaper; it comes within a price range of 140$ to 160$ whereas the price of its counterpart is from 190$ to 210$. The higher price of GB70 reflects Noco’s quality standards, its beautiful outlook and unique manual override feature.

How to Operate?

Both jump-starters are operated handily in a same way. The below mentioned steps are to be followed to restart dead battery of your car.

  • First of all, the clamp is to be connected with the provided socket of the jump starter.
  • LED is turned on by pressing the power button of the jump starter which specifies the activation of the device.
  • After that, attach both clamps with the terminals of the battery.
  • Start your car engine to activate the dead battery.

Both devices reflecting different brands have different operating and storage temperatures.

Quick Summary

  • Alpha 85 has a 64Wh lithium-polymer battery whereas GB70 features 56Wh lithium-ion battery.
  • Alpha 85 has 65W high-speed charging technology, which its counterpart lacks.
  • GB70 is affiliated with a manual override feature which is not present in its competitor.
  • Alpha 85 supports 60 starts per charge whereas GB70 has only 40 starts in a single charge.
  • Alpha 85 features 12V, 10A USB port while GB70 has 12V, 15A USB port.
  • Alpha 85 is cheaper as compared to its opponent.