Viking 450 Power pack vs Clore JNC660

Both the Viking 450 Power pack and the Clore JNC660 are powerful jump starters, that are very operational and provide great alternative to your simple car battery jump starters that you can not take where ever you go. These devices are not only used for restoring the dead batteries of gas and diesel engines but also are used to power up various household equipment and electronic gadgets. Characteristic design makes these tools user-friendly and further enhance their efficacy.

Viking Power Pack is a small-sized jump starter encasing a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery as reliable charge storage. It easily fits inside a car’s glovebox and can be used conveniently as well. A bright 3W flashlight provides a lighting facility to work with ease. USB output offers an efficient means to recharge electronic devices. Safety features like overload and reverse polarity protection give it an edge over the competitor.

Viking 450 Power pack vs Clore JNC660

Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 has a sealed Lead-acid battery within its tough plastic casing, integrating larger energy and higher peak current. High cranking current jumps start the vehicle within no time. Spill-proof casing, built-in charger, voltmeter, and carrying handle make its design efficient.

As compared to Viking 450 Power Pack, Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 offers high energy, higher peak current, better cranking, longer warranty, and accurate charge level indication but it costs higher and lacks features like reverse polarity protection, LED flashlight, and USB connection ports.

Viking 450 Power pack vs Clore JNC660 Benefits and Disadvantages

Power Pack stands less durable than its competitor. It comes with a manufacturer warranty for only up to 90 days.

Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 wins the game for longevity as its stronger hard-plastic casing protects it against damages, reliable internal seal makes it non-spillable, and efficient wiring keeps it functional for a longer time. Clore Automotive offers a limited warranty against material and workmanship faults for 1 year for this device.


Pros of Power pack Viking 450Pros of JNC 660
Less costly in comparisonCan perform heavy-duty jumpstarts
Compact size and lightweightHigher ratings for peak current and cranking current
Has a bright 250 Lumens flashlightIn-built voltmeter
Contains a USB out portLonger and efficient clamps-cable
Employs safety features like overload, backfeed, and, reverse polarity protectionLonger warranty
 –Easy-to-use design with a carrying handle
 –Built-in charger, voltmeter


Cons of Power pack Viking 450Cons of JNC 660
Suitable for relatively small engines which require less powerHeavyweight and larger size
Lower rating for peak current and cranking currentTakes more time to recharge fully
Lesser warrantyLacks USB Input /Output
Less efficient clamp-cablesExpensive to buy
 –Do not have a built-in LED flashlight

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsPower pack 450JNC 660
ManufacturerHarbor FreightClore Automotive
Internal BatteryLithium Iron Phosphate 12AhSealed Lead Acid (SLA) 22Ah
Peak Current Rating (Amperes)4501700
Starting/cranking current (Amperes)221425
Micro USB InputNoNo
USB Output5 V, 2 ANo
12 V Output portyesyes
Safety featureYesNo
LED Flashlight250 LumensNo
Built-in voltmeterNoYes
Product weight3.40 lbs.18 lbs.
Warranty90 days1 year
Price (US dollars)80 to 120 $150 to 250 $

How to Operate?

To jump-start a dead battery through Viking 450;

  1. Turn off the vehicle’s ignition switch and all accessories (headlights, radio, etc.).
  2. Plug in the clamp cable to the Power pack.
  3. Connect the positive clamp to the positive battery terminal and the negative clamp to the chassis.
  4. Power on the device, press and hold on to the starter button until the indicator shows a green light.
  5. Start the vehicle after a few seconds.
  6. After starting the car, power off the starter and detach the clamps.

To restart a car through Clore Jump-n-Carry 660;

  1. Turn off the ignition systems of the car.
  2. Connect clamps of the starter to respective terminals and frames.
  3. Start the engine and disconnect the jump starter clamps.


Viking 450 Power pack has a compact design relatively and weighs only about three and a half pounds. Due to its smaller size, it is easy to manage and store. It shows a black and red layout with buttons for power, starter, and flashlight along with indicator lights for charging level, warning, and starter ready. The USB output, 12 VDC port, charging input, and engine start socket are present on one side while the 250 Lumens flashlight lies on the other. Internally it houses a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery with 12Ah power. It employs a 10 AWG cable of 15 inches to supply current to the empty car battery.

Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 shows a larger size and characterizes a traditional jump starter outlook in blue and black design. It weighs almost six times its competitor and takes up a lot of space for storage. A built-in voltmeter is present on the front panel to accurately describe the charging level, moreover, it contains a built-in charger as well. It lacks USB ports and an LED flashlight, though. The internal battery of this starter is a Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) cell. Its 46 inches long clamp-cables not only make it efficient for usage but also remain flexible in severe temperatures as they specify heavy-duty 2 AWG gauge.

Physical CharacteristicsPower pack 450Clore Jump-n-Carry 660
ColorBlack and RedBlue and Black
Weight (lbs.)3.4018
Height (inches)1.62516.3
Width (inches)3.12514.1
Length (inches)6.255.1
Clamps-cable CharacteristicsPower pack 450Clore Jump-n-Carry 660
Cable length (inches)1546
Cable Gauge10 AWG2 AWG


Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 can be charged through an AC plug-in or via the 12VDC outlet of any vehicle. However, the AC method is recommended. Use an extension cord to connect its built-in AC charger with an AC power outlet. To recharge via the DC method, connect the device to the vehicle’s power port via its 12V out port and start the engine to power up the device.

Viking 450 Power pack has AC and DC adaptors and can be recharged through AC supply or the vehicle’s 12VDC outlet. Plugin the adaptor to the respective socket/port and power supply to start charging. For DC mode though, the engine should keep running.

Charging modePower pack 450JNC 660
AC charge time3 hrs.5 hrs.
DC charge time4-6 hrs.5 hrs.

Peak Starting Current

Viking 450 Power pack is a useful jump starter for smaller engines as it can reliably supply a peak current up to the level of 450 amperes via its 12Ah battery. This small device supplies cranking current up to 221A and can easily restart a dead engine within seconds.

Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 presents a superior jump-starting efficiency because it employs a high-energy 22Ah internal battery and shows a larger peak rating of current even up to 1700A. Consequently, its cranking current is also higher than its competitor and goes up to 425 Amperes. Higher current ratings make it suitable for professional heavy-duty operations.

Safety Features

Viking gains more points for safety features as it employs an On/Off switch system as well as reverse polarity protection technology which prevents sparking in case of wrong connections.

However, JNC does not have a power button resultantly its cable and clamps always have the charge, accidental circuits can prove to be very dangerous in such situations.

These devices do not have the function to manually override the current influx to dead batteries if the voltage level is very low.

Battery types supported

These starters are specified for jump-starting Lead-acid batteries only. Jump starting of dry cell batteries such as those of home appliances is not recommended and may result in severe accidents. Accessories and other appliances should only be charged via a 12VDC out port or USB output.


Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 is expensive as compared to the contestant but it offers heavy duty performance with high current ratings, a powerful internal battery, and a longer warranty. It cost from $150 to $250.

Conversely, Viking 450 is relatively budget-friendly but presents lesser charge ratings, hence, it suits more for low-capacity backups for small engines, home appliances, and mobile devices. It comes in the price range from $80 to $120.

Quick Summary

  • Clore Jump-n-Carry 660 discharges a higher peak current and cranking current as compared to the contestant.
  • Power pack is lightweight and has a compact size, it can be easily stored and managed. While JNC specifies a larger size but an easy-to-use design, including a carrying handle.
  • Both tools can be recharged through DV or AC power supplies.
  • JNC 660 can jump-start heavy engines as compared to its counterpart.
  • Both devices can prevent overcharging but Viking 450 also employs reverse polarity protection technology.
  • These products do not support overriding functions.
  • JNC has a longer warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Lower price makes Power Pack economically more beneficial.