DBPower 600A VS 800A

Both DBPower 600A and teh DB Power 800A are jumpstarters that show your car’s battery some love. Both jump-starters being designed by DBPower are portable, reliable and can revive your car within seconds. DBPower 600A is capable of supporting 6.5L of gas and 5.2L of diesel engines, whereas 800A can assist 7.2L of gas and 5.5L of diesel engines.

DBPower 600A is one of the lightest jump-starter with a rugged design. Its 18000mAh Lithium-ion battery gives you 20 boosts per charge and its 12V charger allows it to charge smartphones, laptops and tablets. Its peak current value is 600A and is equipped with a strong LED flashlight to overcome emergencies.

DBPower 600A VS 800A

Whereas, DBPower 800A is also powered by a Lithium-ion battery with 18000mAh of capacity. It also offers 20 starts per single charge but its peak current value is extended to 800A. Its smart charging feature makes it more than a jump starter, as you can use it to charge mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It also has a strong three-mode LED flashlight to withstand emergencies

In comparison with 600A, 800A is better in performance as it can jump start heavier engines. It supports higher capacities of gas and diesel engines and has a higher peak starting current which leads to its higher cost.

DBPower 600A VS 800A Quick Comparison Table

Internal BatteryLithium-ionLithium-ion
Peak Current Rating600A800A
Number of Boosts per Charge2020
USB output5V/2.1A5V/2.1A
12V input/output portsYesYes
Safety FeatureYesYes
Manual OverrideNoNo
Housing ProtectionNoIP67
Warranty3 years3 years
Price (US Dollars)65$ – 75$70$ – 80$

Battery Types Supported

Both starters are capable of supporting the majority of the lead-acid batteries which are present in cars, SUVs, trucks, motorbikes, tractors, trailers, watercraft etc. Some of such lead-acid batteries are given below:

  • Wet-Cell battery.
  • Gel-Cell battery.
  • AGM battery.
  • VRLA battery.

Pros & Cons.

Has a higher peak starting current value.Has more innovative hardware interface.
Is equipped with housing protection (IP67).Has an extra output for charging laptops etc.
Assist higher capacities of gas and diesel engines.Is available in two colours (red/yellow).
It should at least 1/3 charged to jump-start your engine  It should also be at least 1/3 charged to jump-start your engine. 
It is expensive as compared to its peer.It has a lower peak starting current.
Lacks an extra output port that is present in its competitor.Has a less informative user manual.


Both starters reflect the same brand (DBPower) which is very well-known for its customer services. The warranty span of both starters is about 3 years which is enough to use it infinite times. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your starter, you can claim its warranty policy.


Both devices are pocket-sized and are much similar in their outlook. There are, however, some differences in their design but both have equal dimensions and almost the same weight. DBPower 600A is either yellow or red in colour, whereas DBPower 800A undergoes a matte-black finishing. Both feature a three-mode strong LED flashlight.

They have an LCD screen that represents the battery percentage and a compass which is helpful when you get lost in the woods. The USB, DC and power ports of both devices are arranged in the same manner.

Both have an on/off button and a power button. One biggest difference in their design is that 600A is equipped with an extra output port next to the LCD screen which is not present in its counterpart.

Physical Characteristics600A800A
Weight (lbs)1.361.33
Length (inches)7.37.3
Width (inches)1.61.6
Height (inches)3.53.5

DBPower 800A is slightly lightweight and has a matte-black finishing which gives it an attractive outlook. But the hardware interface of DBPower 600A is more creative as it provides you with an extra output port.


The battery of both devices is rechargeable and takes about 5 to 8 hours to get fully charged as they are of the same capacity. Both can be charged in the following three ways:

  • Via car’s cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Via power input port.
  • Via micro-USB port.

Both are provided with the LCD screen which shows the remaining battery percentage. Both jump-starters should be at least 1/3 charged to initiate your vehicle’s dead battery.

Peak Starting Current

To jump-start higher engines, a higher starting current is required. Jump-starters have their specific peak starting current values which determine the type of engines they can serve. As shown by their respective names, 800A can provide a peak starting current of DBPower 800 amperes while DBPower 600A is specialized to supply up to 600 amperes of peak starting current. Therefore, 800A can jump-start higher engines as compared to its opponent.

Manual Override

Manual Override is a feature that enables the battery of your jump-starter to get charged automatically when it is too low to cease your starter.

Both starters lack this feature as they don’t have built-in auto detectors. These starters will stop working when their batteries are needed to be charged.


There is not a noticeable difference in the price of both starters. However, 800A is expensive as compared to its counterpart as it has a higher peak starting current and can support higher capacities of gas and diesel engines. Its price is from 70$ to 80$ whereas its peer’s price varies between 65$ and 75$.

How to Operate?

Both starters are operated in the same way to jump-start your car’s dead battery. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:

  1. Turn on your jump-starter. It should be at least 30% charged to jump-start your vehicle.
  2. Connect the clamps to the battery of your car.
  3. Attach the cables of your jump-starter to the booster.
  4. Start car engine to power dead battery.

Designed by the same manufacturer, both devices have similar operating and storage temperatures. Their charging temperatures are not known.

DB Power 800A vs 600A Conclusion

  • Both products are designed by DBPower.
  • 800A supports bigger gas and diesel engines.  
  • Both possess an 18000mAh Lithium-ion battery.
  • Both give 20 starts per charge.
  • 800A has a higher peak starting current.
  • 600A has a more innovative design.
  • Both are equally good in recharging.
  • Both have equal dimensions.
  • 800A is slightly lighter in weight.
  • 800A is a bit expensive.