Stanley J509 vs Stanley J5C09

Both the Stanley J509 and the Stanley J5C09 are strong jump starters, that are very superior to others and offer anamazing alternative to your regular car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Both these jumpers can be used for all types of gasoline and diesel engines. Both jumpers contain a similar capacity of installed battery however J5C09 has a built-in compressor whereas its counterpart does not possess this facility.

Stanley J509 has an installed battery of 19 Ah (Ampere hour) capacity providing a 1000 Amps peak current. This device is also capable of providing an instant current of 500 Amps to easily power up any lead-acid battery. This product has a 12V outlet for charging other devices along with a USB port for charging portable devices. The safety feature such as the reverse polarity alarm alerts the user if the clamps are connected incorrectly with the battery terminals. A high-powered LED flashlight is also located on this jumper which is capable of rotating 270 degrees.

Stanley J509 vs Stanley J5C09

Stanley J5C09, just like its peer contains a 19 Ah capacity integrated battery that gives a similar peak current of 1000 Amps and instant current of 500 Amps.  However, this product has an extra feature of a built-in 120 PSI air compressor with a backlight gauge which proves to be very handy. This compressor nozzle is made up of heavy-duty brass-tipped that assists it to connect securely with the tire valve stems. A reverse polarity alarm is present in case of wrong battery terminal connections and a powerful LED light that is capable of rotating 270 degrees.

In comparison to Stanley J5C09, J509 is more economical, has a smaller size, and lower weight as well as provides compatible overall performances. However, this device does not possess the benefit of a pre-installed air compressor which is available in its competitor.

Stanley J509 vs Stanley J5C09 Pros & Cons

Stanley, the manufacturer of both these jump starters provides a similar warranty for its products. Both these devices come with a one-year warranty making them even more reliable.


Pros of Stanley J509Pros of Stanley J5C09
It has a compact and handy design.It is equipped with an additional feature of an air compressor.
It is much cheaper compared to its rival.It contains LED which has the ability to rotate at 270 degrees.
It provides almost similar performances at a relatively lower price.The warranty for this device is also 1 year.
It contains an LED capable of rotating at 270 degrees.It has a reverse polarity alarm.
It has a reverse polarity alarm for emergency situations. –
It provides one year warranty. –


Cons of Stanley J509Cons of Stanley J5C09
It does not contain any built-in compressorIt is more expensive.
 – It is heavier and slightly more difficult to handle.

Supported Vehicles Models

Both these devices are equally compatible with all types of engines, especially V8 engines. They are widely used in cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, boats, and trucks.

Internal Battery Capacity19 Ah19 Ah
Peak Current Rating1000 Amps1000 Amps
Instant Current Rating500 Amps500 Amps
12 V AC chargerYesYes
Output PortOne USB outlet port One 12V DC outletOne USB outlet port One 12V DC outlet
Built-in Air CompressorNoYes
Reverse polarity alarmYesYes
LED FlashlightYes (rotatable at 270 degrees)Yes (rotatable at 270 degrees)
Unit weight17.75 pounds  18 pounds
Storage bagAvailableAvailable  
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US dollars)73 $90 $

How to Operate?

Just like any other jump starter, both these products operate in a similar manner. Following steps are needed to recharge any car battery:

  • Connect one clamp with the jumper socket.
  • Press the power button. The turning of the power LED will show the device startup.
  • Join both clamps with the right terminals of the battery.
  • Start the engine to recharge the car battery.

Design Comparison

Both share a similar design. On the front side of the jumper, there is a power switch to turn the device on or off. To present the installed battery drainage, there is an indicator to show its percentage. Two ports one USB and one 12V power outlet are situated under a protective cover along with a USB indicator. An ergonomic handle is also available for easy carrying of the device from one place to another.

An ultra-bright LED flashlight which is capable of rotating at 270 degrees is present during nighttime emergency situations. A reverse polarity alarm is equipped in the device to alert the user if the connections are done wrongly. A 120 V built-in AC charger socket is present on the backside of the device. An air pressure gauge is located on the back of the jumper.

In terms of dimension, Stanley J509 is smaller compared to its peer therefore it is faintly more compact. Because of the larger size of Stanley J5C09, it is also marginally heavy making it less convenient for handling purposes. So, overall J509 is superior with regard to device handling.

Physical CharacteristicsStanley J509Stanley J5C09
ColorSilver and BlackSilver and Black
Weight (lbs.)17.7518
Height (inches)13.513.5
Width (inches)6.758
Length (inches)11.2511.25


There is a 120 V built-in AC charger installed in both these devices for their charging. These devices can easily be charged through any household extension cord within an hour. If these units are not used for over a month (30 days), it is recommended to recharge the device before using them.

Peak Starting Current

The peak starting current is the maximum current the jumper can provide for a specific period of time. It is recommended that for heavy and large engines, higher peak currents are more feasible.

In this case, both devices have identical peak current as well as instant current so both are equally compatible for large engines.

Battery types supported

The batteries utilized in cars and vehicles are usually lead-acid. So, these jumpers are widely used for charging these lead-acid batteries along with their other types.

Price Difference

Stanley J509 is cheaper in contrast to its counterpart. This device is available at a lower cost of around 73 US dollars. The compatible performances with almost similar features at a cheaper price make this device worth the invested money. On the contrary, J5C09 comes out at a more expensive price. This model is available at a price tag of around 90 US dollars much higher than its peer. However, the high price is justified due to the built-in facility of a 120 PSI air compressor.

Stanley J509 vs Stanley J5C09 Summary

  • Both these devices can be used for gasoline along with diesel engines.
  • Both devices provide a similar peak starting current along with the instant current.
  • J509 is more compact in design and much easier to handle.
  • J5C09 has the built-in facility of air compressor which is absent in its rival.
  • Similar capacity batteries are installed in both products.
  • Both devices come out with similar warranties.
  • J509 is less costly enabling it to provide more value for the money.