Audew 1500A vs Audew 2000A

Both the Audew 1500A and the Audew 2000A are unique jump starters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Audew 1500A jump starter is manufactured for gasoline engines up to 8 liters and diesel engines up to 6 liters. Meanwhile. its counterpart is developed for all gasoline types of engines and diesel engines up to 8.5 liters. Audew 2000A is equipped with an LCD display whereas 1500A does not have such facility.

Audew 1500A contains an 18000 mAh lithium polymer battery with the ability to supply a peak current of 1500 Amps for starting any low lead-acid battery. Apart from charging car batteries, it also acts as a power bank for powering any portable device like smartphones or laptops or it can also be used as a flashlight. Its large capacity inserted battery allows a jump start over 35 times per boost. The three in one LED bright flashlight helps to investigate the engine in the nighttime emergency situations. Dual USB ports make multi-charging possible simultaneously. The handy and compact design makes it even more helpful.

Audew 1500A vs Audew 2000A

On the contrary, Audew 2000A has a lithium polymer battery of about 20,000 mAh capacity and gives a starting current of 2000 Amps making it reliable for starting large and heavy engines. It provides nearly 40 jump starts per boost. The device can be used during extreme temperature conditions, increasing its reliability. One port is Type-C for both input and output while the other two ports are normal A-type. LCD availability provides it with a unique design and more easy handling. Two DC output ports allow charging multiple devices at the same time. The safety protection helps it to protect against the problem of reverse polarity, over-current, overload, over-voltage, and over-charge. Just like its peer, it also possesses an ultrabright flashlight.

In comparison to Audew 1500A, 2000A provides more peak current, can be utilized for all gasoline engines, and is more commendable for heavy engines. However, this device comes with a higher price, more weight, and takes a slightly higher recharging time.

Audew 1500A vs Audew 2000A Pros and Cons


Audew 1500AAudew 2000A
It is more compact and handier to use.It is commendable for all types of gasoline engines
Its safety features help in reducing the danger of over-current, overloading, or any other danger.Its safety features help in reducing the danger of over-current, overloading, or any other danger.
It is less costlyIt has a higher peak current and higher installed battery capacity.
UL2743 certified12 V cigarette lighter adapter
USB Type-C supportedUSB Type-C supported


Audew 1500AAudew 2000A
Lower peak starting current and lower installed battery capacityIt is more expensive
It can be used for gasoline engines up to 8 L onlyDim LCD screen during daytime usage
Jumper cables are shortThe display is more prone to scratches


Both 1500A and 2000A come with identical warranty. The parent company, Audew, provides one year warranty for both of its products with 90 days refundable guarantee, thereby providing solid customer services.

Internal Battery18,000 mAh lithium polymer battery20,000 mAh lithium polymer battery
Peak Current Rating1500 Amps2000 Amps
Number of boosters per charge3540
USB Input C-type5 V, 3 A5 V, 3 A
LCD ScreenNoYes
Safety featureYesYes
LED FlashlightYes (with 3 intensity modes)Yes (with 3 intensity modes)
Unit weight1.09 lbs.
1.3 lbs.
Storage bagAvailableAvailable
Warranty1 year1 year
Price (US dollars)76 $85$


The power button is present on the front side of 1500A to turn the device on or off, along with a battery level indicator. A compass is also present on this jump starter. A powerful flashpoint is present with three intensity modes, Normal, SOS, and Strobe. A jumper port is present on one of the sidewalls where the clamps are connected. On the side of the flashlight, there is an input C-type port for charging the device. There are two output ports for charging large-capacity batteries and any other devices.

Audew 2000A contains a digital LCD screen to indicate the built-in battery percentage, which is being protected by an acrylic high transparent lens. The power button is present on the front. The jumper socket is present on one of the sidewalls. Just like its peer, it contains an ultra-bright flashlight with similar three illumination modes. There is a total of three USB ports in which one is type-C and the other two are conventional A-type. The Type-C port is equipped with both input and output charging which means it can be charged through this port as well as it can charge other compatible devices. All the ports are built with fast charging ability.

In terms of overall dimension, Audew 1500A is more compact because of its lower dimension compared to its counterpart. The weight of 2000A is also high causing slightly more difficulty, making this device second to that of its peer in case of handling.

Physical Characteristics1500A2000A
ColorRed and BlackRed and Black
Weight (lbs.)1.091.3
Height (inches)1.361
Width (inches)3.465.1
Length (inches)6.618.7


Both these starters are provided with a type-C port for charging. The maximum input current rating is 3 Amps for both products. The charging time of 1500A is slightly less due to the lower capacity of the inserted battery. 2000A, meanwhile, takes faintly more time due to its battery’s higher capacity.

Peak Starting Current

The peak starting current depends on the engine size. For larger size engines, a higher starting current is more feasible. 2000A is, therefore, superior in this regard because of its high peak current of 2000 Amps. 1500A is preferable for relatively lower-size engines.

Battery types supported

Normally cars are equipped with lead-acid batteries. Both these jump starters are equally compatible, charging any type of these lead-acid batteries.

Supported Vehicles Models

Both these starters are used for gasoline as well as diesel type of engines. 1500A is suitable for gasoline engines up to 8 L and diesel engines up to 6.5 L. 2000A is more commendable compared to its competitor and can be used for all types of gasoline engines along with diesel engines up to 8.5 L.

Price Difference

1500A is faintly cheaper compared to its rival. It comes in with a price of almost 76 US Dollars. This price makes it more affordable and economical. On the other hand, 2000A is more expensive due to its much higher peak current and higher jump starts per boost that ultimately justifies its higher price. The cost of this product is around 80 to 85 US Dollars.

How to Operate?

The working of both these products is similar just like any other jump starter. To recharge the car battery, the following steps are needed:

  • Connect one clamp with the jump starter socket.
  • Press the power button to turn the device on. The turning of the power LED indicates the device’s start-up.
  • Connect the clamps with the designated terminals of the battery.
  • Starting the engine will power up the low battery again.

The working at maximum temperature is similar for both devices. However, when it comes to working at minimum temperatures 2000A takes the lead, as it can be easily started at extremely low temperatures.

Audew 1500A vs Audew 2000A Summary

  • 1500A can be used for gasoline engines up to 8 L and diesel engines up to 6 L, whereas 2000A is used for all gasoline types of engines and for diesel engines up to 8.5 L.
  • 2000A provides a higher peak starting current than its peer.
  • 1500A is more compact and easier to handle due to its lower weight and smaller size.
  • Recharging time of 2000A is slightly more due to its higher battery capacity.
  • The higher starting current gives an edge to 2000A to start heavy engines.
  • Both these devices come with a similar warranty time.
  • 1500A is less expensive making it more budget-friendly.