Tacklife T8 vs Audew Epower-155

Both the Tacklife T8 and the Audew Epower-155 are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Tacklife T8 comprises a construction that is more compact and portable meanwhile Audew Epower-155 has a faintly greater size. Both devices have installed batteries of similar voltage and have an identical way of operation.

Tacklife T8 possesses a 12 V pre-installed lithium battery with a total capacity of 18,000mAh. It delivers an output current of 800 A which is enough for gasoline engines up to 7.0 L and diesel engines up to 5.5 L.

Tacklife T8 vs Audew Epower-155

Its lower weight and dimensions make it more convenient to handle.

Two USB ports and one 12 V output port with a cigarette lighter are available for charging other portable devices including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

For self-charging, the device features a 15V/ 1A input charging slot. The remaining battery percentage is displayed on LCD screen. Safety features included in this device help to reduce overloading situations, over-voltages and resisting high temperatures.

A bright flashlight is present on the top side with three modes; standard, strobe, and SOS.  

The Audew Epower-155 is a 6 in 1 multi-functional starter containing a 12 V lithium-ion polymer battery with a total capacity of 20,000mAh. The maximum peak current supplied by this product is 2000 A and is compatible with any kind of gasoline engine and diesel engine ranging up to 8.5 L.

This device can charge several batteries up to 40 times. Just like its peer, it contains a flashlight with the same three modes; normal, SOS, and strobe. Two A-type USB ports and one C-type port is present for charging up the device. A 15 V outlet port which can be used as a cigarette lighter is also available.

The durable LCD screen is available for depicting its remaining battery. Advanced Safety technology is installed in the device to minimize the danger of reverse polarity, over-current, over-voltage, or over-charge.  

In comparison to T8, Epower-155 provides a higher peak initiating current, is compatible with greater capacity gasoline and diesel engines, and provides battery startups at extremely low temperatures. But this product is too expensive, faintly difficult to handle, and provides lesser warranty time.

Tacklife T8 vs Audew Epower-155

Internal Battery Capacity18,000mAh20,000mAh
Instant Current Rating800 Amps2000 Amps
Output PortTwo USB outlet ports One 12V DC outletTwo simple USB outlet ports One Type-C port One 15 V DC port
LED FlashlightYesYes
Number of boosters per cycle3040
Warranty12 months24 months
Price (US dollars)80 $93 $

Operating Procedure

The operating methodology of both these devices is identical and given as:

  • Insert clamp cable with the booster port available on one of the side walls.
  • After inserting the clamp cable with the booster, the clamps are attached to the battery respective terminals.
  • Initiate the engine to power up the battery.

In terms of recharging batteries in colder temperatures, Epower-155 is ahead as it has a lower working temperature in contrast to its counterpart.

Environmental ConditionsTacklife T8Epower-155
Minimum Working Temperature-25° C-40° C


Tacklife T8 possesses a unique full-metal and ergonomic design with round edges. A compass is present on the front side of this product along with the company name tag. A power button is present on one of the sidewalls with an LCD screen for showing battery percentage. Two 3.0 USB slots are present along with one 12 V output port. An input 15V/ 1A port is available for its fast charging. A bright flashlight is present on the top side for overcoming night emergencies.

Epower-155 has a digital LCD screen display made up of an acrylic high transparent lens which is more durable than ordinary plastic for showing the remaining battery percentage. One Type-C port is available for charging up the device and two Type-A USB ports are present along with one 15V DC outlet on the top side of this product. A powerful torch is also present on the top side for improving night visions. A jumper socket is present on its other sidewall.

The overall dimensions of T8 are lower compared to its peer making it easy to carry around. The weight of T8 is also less enabling its easy handling.   

Physical CharacteristicsTacklife T8Epower-155
ColorRed and BlackBlack, Red, Blue
Weight (lbs.)1.212.84
Height (inches)1.373.86
Width (inches)3.185.04
Length (inches)7.1611.02


Fast charging is supported by both these products. The charging time of the T8 is slightly less because of its lower installed capacity. The total time to fully charge this device is about 4.5 hours. On the other hand, Epower-155 due to its greater battery capacity takes more than 4.5 hours to completely charge. A Type-C USB port is available in Epower-155 for quick charging meanwhile a 15V/ 1A input charging port is available for T8 charging. The consumption of power is lower in T8 as it has an auto-off feature that enables it to automatically turn off after 15 seconds which enables this device to store electric charge for almost 12 months when not in use.

Maximum Starting Current

The peak current supplied by the device for a particular period is known as its maximum starting current. Heavy engines require this peak current to be high for their smooth startups. T8 has a lower initiating current compared to its twin which makes Epower-155 more effective in this regard.

Power OutputTacklife T8Epower-155
Peak Starting Current800 A2000 A

Battery types supported

Both devices are compatible with 12 V lead-acid batteries and their different types which are now commonly used in modern vehicles with similar mentioned voltage.

Supported Vehicles Models

T8 supports gasoline engines up to 7.0 L and diesel engines up to 5.5 L. On the contrary, Epower-155 is more flexible as it is compatible with all sorts of gasoline engines along with diesel engines ranging up to 8.5 L. Both products can be used to charge any 12 V car, SUV, motorcycle, or truck battery.

Pros and Cons

Pros of T8Pros of Epower-155
This device has lower dimensions making it more compact.It provides higher peak output currents
Its lower weight provides superior handling.It is more flexible as it supports all gasoline engines and diesel engines up to 8.5 L.
It possesses a compass as an additional feature.It provides better startups for heavy-duty engines.
The operating procedure of this product is easy and simple.It is available in three different colors.
The LCD screen is present for showing the battery percentage.The front LCD is made up of acrylic glass which is quite durable.
It can be fully charged in lesser time.It contains one fast charging Type-C port.
It is cheaper and economical.It can charge the batteries at extremely low temperatures.
Cons of T8Cons of Epower-155
The jumper cables are shorterIt is more expensive.
Its maximum output current is lower than its peer.The greater size and weight make the handling of this device more difficult.
It comparatively supports gasoline and diesel engines of lower capacity.The LCD screen is more prone to scratches and damages
It is less suitable for initiating heavy engines.It provides a lower limited warranty.


Both products come in with specific warranty intervals. T8 has a limited warranty of 24 months meanwhile its counterpart is available with 12 months warranty. The longer period of warranty makes T8 ahead of its competitor. From an environmental viewpoint, both devices are safe and have no harmful impact on the environment.

Price Difference   

The cost of T8 is less than its counterpart. This product is available for 80 US Dollars. The decent output current along with a longer warranty period make this device more budget-friendly. Conversely, Epower-155 is more extravagant. The device is available at a high price of 93 US Dollars. But this expensive price is counterbalanced by overall device dominant performance.

Tacklife T8 vs Audew Epower-155 Conclusion

  • Epower-155 supports larger capacity gasoline and diesel engines as compared to its twin.
  • Epower-155 has a greater peak output current.
  • The lower weight and size make T8 easier to carry around.
  • T8 takes less time to charge than its peer.
  • For starting heavy engines, Epower-155 is more effective.
  • T8 provides a longer duration of limited warranty.
  • The price of Epower-155 is greater than its counterpart.