Tacklife T8 vs Tacklife T8 Max

Both the Tacklife T8 and the Tacklife T8 Max are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Both of these are compact battery boosters that provide reliable charging backup for car batteries and serve as an emergency work light as well. Their high-power batteries ensure quick jump starts, offering numerous boosts per charge and long stand-by duration. 10V DC ports along with provided cigarette adapters make charging, an easy task.

Tacklife T8 Max presents excellent jumping ability with its high capacity Lithium-ion battery and discharges heavy current to restore empty battery cells. Two USB-A ports and a type-C port allow users to charge multiple devices simultaneously. It offers a larger number of starts on a single charge. Dual flashlight system with five different modes makes it an efficient emergency and camping light as well.

Tacklife T8 vs T8 Max

In contrast, Tacklife T8 characterizes a contemporary design and comes in four color variations. It encases a Lithium-polymer unit with a capacity of 18000 mAh, providing boosts to dead batteries up to 30 times over a single charging. LCD screen tells the exact level of charging and integrated compass helps in orienting toward the right direction. Moreover, it stands budget-friendly in comparison.

When compared with Tacklife T8, T8 Max carries an internal battery with high electric power, stores a larger amount of charge, supplies higher peak current, and gives more boosts per charge yet it also weighs heavier, costs higher, and takes more time to recharge fully.

Tacklife T8 vs Tacklife T8 Max Pros & Cons

Both tools are useful for a long time, not only providing an instant jump starting and mobile charging facility but also serving as a light source for working in night/dark, camping, or emergencies. They rank equal in terms of durability and come with a replacement warranty for 24 months by Tacklife that either repairs the device or provides a new one as compensation for damaged material or workmanship defects.

Pros of T8Pros of T8 Max
Priced lesser than its competitor.The higher rating of peak current
4 color variations are available40 jump starts from a single charging
Built-in compass and LCD indicator screenHigh power internal battery
 Dual LED; 5 modes of lighting
 Compatible with large-capacity gas and diesel engines
Cons of T8Cons of T8 Max
Peak value of current is lower in comparisonRelatively expensive jump starter
Jumpstarts relatively smaller enginesLacks LCD screen for battery indication and built-in compass
 No color variants are available

Design Differences

Design-wise Tacklife T8 Max is a heavier, longer but slimmer device in comparison. This black and grey colored starter exhibits a minimalistic outlook with a jumping socket, USB ports, and flashlight LEDs present along its sides. It contains 3 USB ports including 2 efficient outputs for charging multiple mobile devices at the same time, 1 USB in/out recharge port as well as 12V DC output to power up accessories like a tire inflator, vacuum, etc.

This device can also be used in emergency, camping, or work as it includes a dual-LED feature enabling 5 modes; spotlight, SOS, strobe, flood, and red warning light. However, it lacks a built-in compass, and its charge level indicator is not as precise as that of its competitor, small LED bulbs present on the upper side only signal 25, 50, 75, and 100% charge level.

In contrast, T8 is lightweight and comes in different color combinations with black. Its outlook is modishly designed and specifies a jumping socket, 2 USB outputs, a DC outlet, charger input, and a flashlight LED. Although it acts as a bright source, however, its lightening feature is less advanced in comparison as it includes a single LED just allowing 4 modes namely SOS, strobe, red warning, and spotlight.

It also lacks micro USB type-C in/output for recharging. Nonetheless, it shows accurate charging level and starter modes through an LCD screen present on its side along with ports, and a small compass is also integrated on top of it.

Both devices utilize smart jumping cables having smart security connectors and all-metal, ergonomic, shark clamps to ensure powerful and efficient jump-starts. An EVA zipper pouch comes along with both of these products, making these products portable and easy to use.

However, these starters have open ports and none of these is waterproof by itself.

Physical CharacteristicsTacklife T8Tacklife T8 Max
ColorBlack and Orange/ midnight green/ red/ yellowBlack
Weight (kg)0.550.63
Height (inches)1.371.18
Width (inches)3.183.34
Length (inches)7.168.85

Tacklife T8 vs Tacklife T8 Max Comparison Table

SpecificationsT8T8 Max
Internal Battery18000mAh Lithium-Ion20000mAh Lithium-Ion
Peak Current Rating800 A1000 A
Number of boosters per charge3040  
 USB ports1 x 5V, 2.4 A 1 x 9V, 2 A  1 x 5V, 2.4 A 1 x 9V, 2A 1 x QC charging port
DC ports12 V, 10 A12 V, 10 A
Safety featureYesYes
LED Flashlightyesyes
Built-in VoltmeterNoNo
Unit weight0.55 kg0.63 kg
Warranty2 year2 year
Price (US dollars)$80 to $110$90 to $130

How to Operate?

Both starters can be easily employed to jump-start a dead battery, following simple steps are involved in the operation;

  • Make sure ignition system and power-consuming functions like highlights or radio are switched off.
  • Insert jumper cable to the jumper socket of Tacklife starter.
  • Attach shark clamps of the smart clamps cable to the respective terminals on the vehicle’s battery, the green indicator will certify that you have made correct connections.
  • Power on the starter to supply charge to the engines’ battery, use the boost button if the battery is completely drained.
  • Start up the vehicle after a short interval.
  • Disconnect clamps from starter and vehicle, packing them up safely in the storage shell.


Both these devices have recharging efficiency but through different perspectives. T8 Max is rechargeable via 5V/9V USB input and a QC adaptor is provided by the company for this purpose. It lacks the property to be charged through a DC car charger but it can be easily charged via a normal mobile charger and USB cord if the original adaptor or cable is lost or damaged. It takes more time to charge up to full potential as it needs to accumulate a higher charge level.

Although Tacklife T8 does not have a USB charging port yet it can be recharged either through an AC supply or through a 12V car charger. A wall adaptor, as well as a car charger, is provided in a battery booster package. As it has lesser charge storage capacity, its battery level is replenished in less time than the contestant.

 T8T8 Max
Charging time4.5 hours5 hours

Internal battery

Tacklife T8 contains a low energy battery than its competitor, specifying a power of 18000mAh per hour. As it stores lesser charge in comparison, it can provide fewer boosts per charge and only allow 30 jump starts after recharging to its full potential.

On the other pole, Tacklife T8 Max has a higher capacity to hold charge inside, allowing 20000 mAh current storage per hour. Resultantly, it offers a greater number of jump starts in comparison from a single charge, permitting 40 boosts per complete recharge.

Peak Starting Current

Tacklife T8 stands below the competitor as its low-power battery provides a low-level current influx to the dead battery. When it is employed to rescue a lifeless unit, it can maximally supply 800A which renders it suitable only for comparatively smaller engines with low power requirements.

Tacklife T8 Max shows a supreme peak current rating, offering better power back up in comparison. It provides peak current as high as 1000 Amperes, ensuring quick and efficient jumpstarts.


To ensure the complete safety of consumers while dealing with batteries and charged devices, eight security systems have been incorporated into these tools. These devices stop operating if polarity, charge, or connections are reversed or there is a danger of sparking and short circuits due to poor battery condition. Moreover, they have built-in mechanisms to warn about overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, or high temperature through alarming lights and beeps.

Supported Battery types and Vehicles Models

Both battery boosters are useful for jump-starting 12V batteries, these are not suitable for batteries of any other voltage level. However, these tools are compatible with engines of different capacities. T8 Max takes the lead in this respect as it is capable of jumping all gasoline and 7 liter diesel engines.

On the other side, T8 can only restart low capacity engines as its low energy battery discharges lesser current to power up the vehicle’s battery. It is compatible with diesel engines having 5.5 liter capacity and gas engines having 7 liter capacity.


T8 is economically beneficial as compared to its competitor still providing a reliable jumping capacity and power backup for different appliances. It is available in price range from $80 to $110.

Conversely, T8 max ranks as a comparatively expensive jump starter but it offers higher charge holding capacity, larger peak current, and dual flashlight feature in return for the higher price as well. It comes in the affordability range of $90 to $130

Quick Summary

  • Tacklife T8 Max carries a high-power battery in comparison and offers a relatively higher peak current.
  • Tacklife T8 has a modish look and contains a compass and LCD indicating display. T8 characterizes a minimalistic design, heavier weight, and two LED flashlights.
  • Tacklife T8 takes lesser time to restore its charge level.
  • Both devices integrate eight safety systems.
  • Tacklife T8 Max can energize high-capacity engines in comparison.
  • Operating period and the warranty period are the same for both of these starters.
  • T8 stands more budget-friendly than its competitor.