Tacklife T8 vs T8 Pro

Both Tacklife T8 and Tacklife T8 Pro are multi functional tools which can be used to jump-start a dead car battery, or as an emergency camping flashlight, a compass, or a charging back up for your mobile devices. Compact size and storage cases provided by the company permit easy storage and transportation of these battery boosters. Moreover, these tools can stand by the charge level up to 12 months.

Tacklife T8 Pro shows quick and efficient jumping of exhausted engine batteries as its high energy 18000 mAh internal battery supplies huge charge influx. A smart indication system with shark clamps prevents wrong connections and an LCD screen allows precise monitoring of the charge level of the battery. Dual USB ports enable charging of multiple mobile devices at the same time.

Tacklife T8 vs T8 Pro

Likewise, Tacklife T8 offers a reliable backup for jump-starting or recharging smartphones as it encases a high-energy Lithium-ion battery. It shows a cleaner look and comes in various colors. It can be used to restart a dead engine battery up to 30 times with a single charge. A luminous flashlight with several modes and a built-in compass makes it more useful for emergency situations.

When compared with Tacklife T8, T8 Pro shows a higher peak current level, waterproof design, a rugged look, and a higher price, however, the internal battery power, USB ports, indicators, product weight, and warranties are the same for both these battery boosters.

Tacklife T8 vs Tacklife T8 Pro Comparison Table

SpecificationsT8T8 Pro
Internal Battery18000mAh Lithium-Ion18000mAh Lithium-Ion
Peak Current Rating800 A1200 A
Number of boosters per charge3030
Micro USB ports1 x 5V, 2A 1 x 5V, 9A1 x 5V, 2A 1 x 5V, 9A
DC ports12 V, 10 A12 V, 10 A
Safety featureYesYes
LED Flashlightyesyes
Built-in VoltmeterNoNo
Unit weight1.21 lbs.1.21 lbs.
Warranty2 year2 year
Price (US dollars)$75 to $100$95 to $150

Supported Vehicles Models

These Tacklife products mark a high position among the available jump starter range as they can supply power to vehicle batteries in large gas as well as diesel engines. T8 has the ability to re-operate gas engines with 7 liters capacity and diesel engines with 5.5 liters capacity. While T8 Pro can boost up batteries of 7.5 L gas, 7L petrol, and 6L diesel engines.


Pros of Tacklife T8Pros of Tacklife T8 Pro
Comparatively inexpensiveHigh peak current rating
30 jump starts through 1 full charge30 quick boosts on a single charge
Available in 4 color variants8 safety systems
Multifunctional deviceMultipurpose tool with built-in flashlight and compass
Suitable for high capacity gas and diesel enginesRestarts large diesel and gas engines


Cons of Tacklife T8Cons of Tacklife T8 Pro
The lower peak value of current in comparisonRelatively high priced
Do not come with hard storage caseOnly 2 color variants are available

How to Operate?

These jump starters are easy to use and can be operated safely without experts’ help, due to their multiple safety systems. To restart a dead battery with Tacklife boosters;

  1. Turn off the ignition system and power accessories of the car (radio, headlights, etc.)
  2. Attach clamps with starter via smart clamp connector.
  3. Attach shark clamps to the battery terminal and chassis of the car.
  4. Power on the starter to jump up the engine battery, press boost to supply heavy charge influx.
  5. Restart the engine after a few seconds.
  6. Detach clamps and wrap up the equipment in its casing.


Both devices weigh the same and the difference in their sizes is only a few millimeters, they can be easily stored inside a car’s glovebox. The design of both these starters is also very similar however, Tacklife T8 shows a cleaner look in comparison. It comes in four color schemes. The front side displays a sleek design with the company logo and an in-built compass.

An LCD displaying battery level, DC Input and Output, USB ports, Power button, manual switch, and jumping ports are present along its side. It also contains a bright LED flashlight which enables four modes of functioning including strobe, SOS, red warning, and spotlight, this makes it an effective light for emergency situations or camping purposes.

Tacklife T8 Pro has a little aggressive look as compared with its competitor however, it contains the same design components. Only the power button is present on the front instead of the side panel. It comes in only two color combinations with black. The advantage it has over the competitor is a covering over the input and output ports, which makes it waterproof and dustproof.

Physical CharacteristicsTacklife T8Tacklife T8 Pro
ColorBlack and Orange/ midnight green/ red/ yellowBlack and Orange/ green
Weight (lbs.)1.211.21
Height (inches)1.371.57
Width (inches)3.183.42
Length (inches)7.167.28


These starters are easily rechargeable via AV 120V supply or through a 12V car charger. AC wall adaptor as well as DC car charger both come along in the product package.

As internal batteries of these both gadgets have the same mAh capacities thus they take a similar time to charge up to their full potential. 4.5 hours are needed to fully recharge a discharged booster.

Peak Starting Current

Although both boosters are equipped with an 18000 mAh internal battery which can provide 30 boosts on a single charge yet Tacklife T8 Pro supplies current to the empty batteries with more proficiency as its peak current rating is higher than its competitor. To restart a dead unit, it can provide a current influx even up to 1200 Amperes.

Tacklife T8 scores are lower in comparison for its ability to discharge current to the empty cells as its peak rating is measured at 800 A. Thus, it may take some time to energize the engine as compared to its contestant.


Both jump starters employ eight safety systems and stand user-friendly as smart indicators quickly indicate errors in connection and the LCD screen precisely tells charging level. Protection systems against overcharge, short circuit, over-discharge, reverse connection, reverse polarity, reverse charge, over current, and overheating are incorporated in these devices to ensure consumer safety.

Tacklife T8 Pro has a covering over the ports’ panel and is waterproof, meeting IP65 standards. Hence, the chances of short circuit or sparking due to moisture are greatly minimized.


Both devices are equally durable, offering multipurpose advantages for a long duration. These power backups carry a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 2 years. In case of material defects or workmanship faults, Tacklife provides a replacement for these jump starters.


Tacklife T8 Pro costs a few more dollars than its competitor but its higher peak current rating and additional accessories justify the high cost. It is available for $95 to $150.

On the other side, T8 bears a lower price tag and still offers a reliable backup to rescue a dead battery or recharge a phone. Its price ranges from $75 to $100.

Quick Summary

  • Both devices have internal batteries with similar charge capacity and offer a sound backup to restore dead batteries.
  • T8 Pro shows a higher peak current value and restarts the engine faster than the competitor.
  • Both products weigh the same and their sizes are also similar to each other.
  • T8 shows a cleaner look than its competitor.
  • T8 Pro is waterproof with a side-cover over its input/ output ports.
  • Both devices take the same time for recharging to their full potential.
  • Tacklife provides a warranty of 2 years for both these products.
  • T8 can be bought with lesser money than its competitor.