Tacklife T8 vs T6

Both the Tacklife T8 and the Tacklife T6 are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Both these compact starters come from the same brand, Tacklife, and provide a reliable power solution for dead batteries. Equipped with numerous protective features and easy jumping procedures, these tools are user-friendly. Due to the presence of a flashlight, DC, and USB outputs, these devices do a lot more than just jumpstarts.

Tacklife T6 shows a cleaner design layout on the outside and contains a powerful charge storing unit inside. It holds as much charge as required for 30 jump starts. Super safe technology makes it spark-proof by integrating 8 different safety systems. Metallic and ergonomic clamps with an intelligent jumper cable connector further add to the efficiency of the device.

Tacklife T8 vs T6

Conversely, Tacklife T8 is a modish, lightweight, but relatively larger battery booster. Along with heavy charge influx, it also offers a compass to detect proper orientation and an LED light that serves different purposes from workstation lighting to camping to emergency signaling. It recharges comparatively sooner and comes in four bright colors.

In comparison, Tacklife T6 and T8 have many similarities like the same peak current rating, charge storage capacity, In/Out ports, warranty, and the number of boosts per charging but the T8 shows superior design features like an LCD monitor, on/off switch, integrated compass, and red warning mode of light.

Tacklife T8 vs T6 Contrast Table

Internal Battery18000mAh Lithium-Ion18000mAh Lithium-Ion
Peak Current Rating800 A800 A
Number of boosters per charge3030
 USB ports1 x USB QC 3.0
(5V, 2.4A/ 9V, 2A) 1 x 5V, 2.1A  
1 x USB QC 3.0
(5V, 2.4A/ 9V, 2A) 1 x 5V, 2.1A  
DC ports12 V, 10 A12 V, 10 A
Safety featurePP
LED FlashlightWhite, 3 modesWhite, 3 modes
Red, 1 mode
Built-in VoltmeterOO
Unit weight2.5 Ibs1.21 Ibs
Warranty24 months24 months
Price (US dollars)$75 to $100$85 to $130

Jumpstart operation

These tools can be easily employed to jump start dead batteries by following these easy steps;

  • Switch off ignition and power accessories like radio, AC, etc
  • Attach clamps-cable to jumper and respective terminals of the car’s battery.
  • Press the power button to begin jumping. For T8 make sure that the manual switch is also “on”.
  • Restart your vehicle after some time, after that remove and pack up all the jumping apparatus in its hard storage case.

Design Differences

T6 specifies a monochromatic, traditional battery-style outlook and comes in two color variants.

When we compare the dimensions, it stands smaller but heavier. Its ports panel is very similar to that of its competitor including a USB QC 3.0, a USB 5V, 2A, a DC output, a DC input for car charging, and a designated jumping socket.

It gets a low score design-wise as it lacks a screen monitor and built-in compass.

Moreover, its LED flashlight shows lesser efficiency and enables only 3 modes (spotlight, SOS, strobe). Its charge level is indicated by the LED pointers over the jumper.
The outlook of T8 is relatively modern presenting a dual-color, sleek, and minimalistic design.

In comparison, it is lightweight but has the same input and output ports. It takes the lead over its competitor mainly due to its design features; it has a manual on/off switch and an LCD screen that shows the exact charging level, and status of connections while jumping a vehicle battery.

Along with that, a small compass is provided on its top side which comes in handy when camping and trailing.

Moreover, its integrated torch ranks better with four modes (SOS, strobe, spotlight, red warning) and works for 72 hours on a single charge.
Both of these boosters come in EVA hard shell that keeps the device safe from water as well as mechanical damage.

Physical CharacteristicsTacklife T6Tacklife T8
ColorBlack, GreenBlack and Orange/ midnight green/ red/ yellow
Weight (Ibs)2.51.21
Height (inches)1.61.37
Width (inches)33.18
Length (inches)6.37.16

Tacklife T8 vs T6 Recharging

These devices carry similar recharging ports and can be energized by an AC wall charger or a 12V car charger (both are provided in the product’s package). However, T6 takes more time to fulfill its potential and usually needs 5 hours for a full charge.

While T8 gets recharged fairly quickly as its charge level can be completely restored in 4.5 hours.

Charging time5 hours4.5 hours

Peak Starting Current

When T6 was initially launched, a 16500mAh internal battery was integrated into it. Hence, its earlier version was low-powered than T8. Resultantly, the peak current it provided was also smaller, making the amperage level at 600 Amperes. However, Tacklife has upgraded its internal battery in the newer version (older versions are now discontinued by the company).
Considering the latest version of Tacklife T6, both these tools rank the same for their capacity to store and supply the charge. These are equipped with Lithium ion batteries that have 1800mAh charge storing capacity.

When connected with an exhausted unit, these jumpers can maximally offer 800A current influx. Similarly, both provide 30 boosts over a single charge as they store the same amount of electrical power and stand by the charge level for up to 12 months.

Safety Mechanisms

Both of these boosters have protective features that warn about errors through audio-visual prompts to prevent any loss from short circuits. Eight security systems are employed to prevent reverse polarity, over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, high temperature, sparking or short circuits.

If you made any wrong connection or the battery draws in heavy current, the device would not supply charge to avoid spark triggering. The connector of Tacklife intelligent jumper cable will produce beeps and LED flashes in such conditions.

Supported Batteries and Vehicles Models

These starters are assembled to power up to 12V lead-acid batteries only. If these are utilized for other battery types like Li-ion cells or voltage levels like 6V or 24V, short circuits can occur.

For vehicles both Tacklife T8 and T6 have compatibility with same sized engines. These devices are useful to boost up dead batteries of 7L Gas and 5.5L diesel engines.

Pros & Cons.

Pro of Tacklife T6Pros of Tacklife T8
Low priceBuilt-in compass
Intelligent jumper cablesLCD screen monitor
8 safety featuresFour color variations
Cons of Tacklife T6Cons of Tacklife T8
Only 2 color variantsExpensive
No “red warning” light mode –
Lacks LCD monitor and built-in compass –


Tacklife charges a higher amount for Tacklife T8 as compared with T6 because it offers superior design features like a compass, monitoring screen, and long-lasting flashlight with more light modes. Its price ranges from $75 to $100.
On the other side, T6 provides the same charge storage and jumping ability for a lesser price. Its pricing range spans from $85 to $130.

Tacklife T6 vs T8 Summary

  • T8 is comparatively lightweight but specifies larger size dimensions.
  • Internal batteries of both devices have the same electrical power and offer the same peak current.
  • Design features like compass, red warning light, and LCD monitor are absent in T6.
  • T8 takes lesser time to recharge to its full potential.
  • Eight protection systems are integrated into these devices to avoid sparking and accidents.
  • Batteries of same-sized engines are supported by these jumpers.
  • Both products rank equal for warranty period and durability.