Weego N44 vs Weego N66

Both Weego N44 and the Weego N66 are durable jump starters that are very capable. These Jumpstaters offer great alternative to traditional car battery jump starters that you can not carry everywhere. Both of these starters belong to the N-series by Weego, they specify high current levels and ensure quick jump-starts. They also have the ability to power up mobile phones, laptops, and accessories via specialized output ports. USB Detect-o-Matic technology is credited for faster charging of USB devices.

Weego N44 has a Lithium polymer battery that provides a massive peak amperage of up to 2100A to energize the dead units in seconds. It has a dust and waterproof design, meeting the IP65 standards. Furthermore, it is equipped with Smarty clamps-cable that integrates various safety systems to prevent spark triggering. 

Weego N44 vs Weego N66

Weego N66 is an advanced power pack with a higher capacity to accumulate charge, providing a long-lasting battery backup. With supreme peak current and cranking Amperage, it qualifies as a reliable jump starter. A high luminosity flashlight along with a hook and lanyard make it an efficient work/ camping light as well.

In comparison to Weego N44, N66 has a higher charge storing capacity, delivers higher cranking as well as peak current, and contains a brighter LED flashlight but it is relatively larger, heavier, and expensive as well.

SpecificationsWeego N44Weego N66
Internal Battery27 Watt-hour Lithium polymer66 Watt-hour Lithium polymer
Peak Current Rating2100 A2500 A
Cranking Current440 A660 A
In/ Out ports1 x Detect-o-Matic USB port (5V, 9V or 12V/ 2.4A) 1 x 12V/ 10A accessory port 1 x 19V/ 3.5A laptop port 1 recharge port1 x Detect-o-Matic USB port (5V, 9V or 12V/ 2.4A) 1 x 12V/ 10A accessory port 1 x 19V/ 3.5A laptop port 1 x 15V/ 1A recharge port
Safety featureYesYes
Manual OverdriveYesYes
LED Flashlight500 Lumens600 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65IP65
Unit weight3.5 lbs.4 lbs.
Warranty24 Months24 Months
Price (US dollars)150$ to 200$200$ to 250$

Weego N44 vs Weego N66 Pros/Cons

Both starters are useful for a long time and provide a good value for the money. Their robust batteries have a lifespan of about 1000 charge cycles; this battery life can potentially last for 3 to 5 years of active use. The durability of both of these is ensured by a warranty up to 24 months from Weego.

N44 can be bought for a lower price than its competitor, this feature makes it economically beneficial considering its reliable backup capacity. In contrast, N66 comes with a higher price tag but it offers supreme capacity and discharge efficiency in return.


Pros of N44Pros of N66
Comes for a lesser amountJump starts high-capacity gas and diesel engines
Bypass function availableInternal battery holds up more charge in comparison
IP65 certified, water and dirt resistant600 Lumens LED torch
Utilizes smarty clamps with reverse polarity, over-heat and spark protectionClamps-cable integrates smart box with advanced security systems


Cons of N44Cons of N66
Efficient for smaller engines onlyCosts higher than the competitor
Low-capacity internal batteryTakes more time to recharge completely
Less bright flashlight 

Safety features

These jump starters utilize smart clamps to deliver power to dead batteries, these hinged clamps are designed to supply charge to the dead cells safely and efficiently. An intuitive smart box attached to clamps warns about connectivity errors, power surge, or high temperature.

These employ reverse polarity protection, anti-spark, over-heat protection, and power surge resistance systems, they shut off working in case of wrong connections, device heat up, or heavy current drainage and signify the error through beeps and red light.

Battery types supported

These battery boosters are capable of energizing 12V Lead acid batteries of cars, small trucks, lawn mowers and motorcycles. However, these are not compatible with any other voltage battery such as 24V or 6V etc. These devices are also compatible for charging laptop batteries.

Supported Vehicles Models

Weego N66 contains a relatively powerful battery thus, it is suitable for jump starting comparatively larger engines. It can restart dead batteries of 10 L gas engine and 5 L diesel engines.

However, Weego N44 is only compatible with low-capacity engines. It can effectively jump start a gas engine with a capacity of 7 Liters while diesel engines are only supported up to 3.5 Liter capacity.


Weego N66 is a portable red jump starter, specifying 4 pounds and a torch-like look. Along with a 12V recharging port, it carries a Detect-o-Matic USB port that allows faster charging of USB devices like smartphones, an accessory port to power up appliances, and a laptop port to recharge the laptop batteries.

A 600 Lumens LED flashlight is present on the upper side, providing a lightning facility for 15 to 30 hours on a single charge.

Weego N44 is a compact red-colored battery booster characterizing a clean outlook. It weighs a half-pound lesser than the competitor and is smaller in size as well. Its latest version has a similar ports’ panel as of its competitor including Detect-o-Matic USB, laptop, recharging and accessory ports. It has an in-built torch of 500 Lumens which lasts for 15 hours per charging.

These Weego starters come in a lunch-box style tin container and a water-resistant zipper pouch is also provided for easy storage. These designs are certified as waterproof and dust resistant as a hinged cover is present over the input/output ports.

Moreover, these can be hung above while working, by using the hook and lanyard provided in the package.

Physical CharacteristicsN44N66
Weight (lbs.)3.54
Height (inches)1.501.50
Width (inches)3.383.30
Length (inches)6.509.25


Weego 44 is rechargeable via a USB 5V/ 2A port using a 2.1A adaptor. It lacks DC charging port so it cannot be powered through a car charger. As it has a lesser charge storage capacity, it charges up to its full potential in a relatively lesser time.

On the other side, Weego N66 has a specific 12V/ 2A recharge port, providing an ability to be recharged through a wall charger or the car charger. These adaptors are included in the product package. As it encases a high-capacity battery that holds up greater charge, it needs more time to fully restore its potential.

Charging time2.5 hrs.3 hrs.

Peak Starting Current

Weego N66 can store a larger amount of charge than it a competitor that’s why it provides better discharge to empty battery cells, specifying a higher peak current rating of 2500A. It energizes the dead engines within a few seconds by supplying a cranking current of 660 Amperes.

Conversely, the internal battery of Weego N44 has a lower capacity, thus, it shows a lower peak value for current discharge marking 2100A on the Amperage scale. Its jumping ability ranks relatively lower as it offers 440A current upon cranking.

Bypass ability

If the battery voltage is very low (0-0.5 volts), the starter cannot automatically detect battery voltage and jumping action is prohibited by default because the dead battery will drain a lot of power and high current influx can trigger short circuits or sparks.

To start such exhausted batteries both these Weego starters enable bypass function, delivering heavy charge during the jump start, this feature can be utilized by pressing the bypass button present on the smart box.

N66 shows a better bypass ability than its competitor as its high-capacity battery supplies a heavier current influx.

How to Operate?

These boosters start a dead battery through the same procedure as follows;

  • Switch off the engine.
  • Connect smart clamps in the designated socket.
  • Power on the device and attach clamps with battery terminals.
  • When the smart box shows a green flashing light, restart the car’s engine.
  • Disconnect the clamps first from the starter and then from the engine.

Jump starts are easy with these tools as they can work efficiently even below freezing point or in temperatures as high as 60°C. They can also be stored and charged in extremely high or low temperatures.  

Weego N44 vs Weego N66 Summary

  • Weego N66 is a relatively heavy and larger jump starter than its competitor.
  •  N66 exhibits a higher peak current as well as a higher cranking current rating in comparison.
  • Recharging time for N44 is lesser than its competitor.
  • Both devices resemble in their design and are equipped with similar ports as well.
  • Both tools permit the bypass feature to restart batteries with extremely low levels.
  • N66 can jump-start larger engines in comparison.
  • Battery lifespan and the warranty period are also the same for both of these jump starters.
  • N44 is comparatively low priced.