Weego 44 vs NOCO GB40

Both the Weego 44 and the NOCO GB40 are powerful jumpstarters, that are multi-functional and provide powerful battery boost, they are compact, so you ensure, your car’s battery never goes down. These starters are reliable power backup for batteries of medium-capacity gas and diesel engines. Their easy operations and compact sizes allow hustle-free usage and storage. Similarly, both of these are IP65 certified, dust and water-proof starters.

Weego N44 is a bright red jumper with a high-power battery and a high current influx. Its Detect-o-Matic tech makes it competent for quick smartphone charging. It also has the advantage of brighter torchlight and smarty clamps.

Weego N44 vs NOCO Boost Plus GB40

Noco GB40 specifies a modish battery unit, deriving energy from Lithium-ion cells. It is easy to use and has a built-in spark protection system. It also allows the override function to boost up entirely exhausted batteries.

Compared with Noco GB40, N44 carries a high-capacity battery, shows a higher peak current rating, supports bigger engines, and has a longer warranty. However, it also weighs heavier and costs higher.

Weego 44 vs NOCO GB40

Power unit24 Watt/hr Lithium-Ion battery27 Watt/hr Lithium polymer battery
Peak Current Rating1000 Amperes2100 Amperes
In/ Out ports1 x Micro USB port
1 x Output USB port
1 recharge port
1 x 12V/ 10A accessory port
1 x Detect-o-Matic USB port
12V DC portNoEnabled
Safety featureEnabledEnabled
Manual OverdriveEnabledEnabled
LED Flashlight100 Lumens500 Lumens
Housing ProtectionIP65IP65
Unit weight1.65 pounds3.5 pounds.
Warranty1 year2 years

How to Jump-start?

Both starters are easy to use and jump-starts can be performed through the following simple steps:

  • Switch off power accessories (AC, headlights, radio, etc) and engine of the vehicle.
  • First attach red clamps to the positive terminal of the battery and then black one to the negative terminal or chassis.
  • Connect clamps cable to starter through jumper socket.
  • Weego N44 jumper will be live automatically when the connections are correct and show a solid green indication.
    For GB40, you need to press the power button. If connections are all in place, it will show a white LED indication. Both starters will give a red indication if connections are improper or reversed.
  • Restart your vehicle after a few seconds.
  • If your battery is entirely dead and has very low voltage, you will need to boost the discharge through the override function. Press the override/boost button on your jumper or clamps box to restart the battery.
  • Once the engine restarts, detach the clamps from the battery and jump the starter.

Working in extreme temperatures

Both devices have the same efficiency to work in low temperatures and can be stored and used in temperatures as low as -20° C. In high temperatures, N44 has a better working ability (up to 60° C) but above 30° C, it loses the stored charge quickly.

On the other side, Noco GB40 can retain its charge level at higher temperatures but it is not recommended to be used above 50° C.

Environmental ConditionsGB40N44
Recharge Temperatures0 to +40° C0°  C to +46° C
Working Temperatures-20° to +50° C-20° C to +60° C
Storing Temperatures-20 to +50° C-20° C  to +30° C


Weego N44 shows a compact but heavier, torch-like look in plain red color. Its latest variants carry recharge, USB Detect-o-Matic, laptop, and accessory port to recharge the jumper, smartphones, laptops, and 12V appliances efficiently. Detect-o-Matic technology allows quick mobile recharges, making it superior to the competition. Its flashlight also provides it an edge over the competitor as it shows 500 Lumens brightness, lasting for 15 hours on a full charge. Weego offers two storage cases for this product; a lunch-box styled tin box and a water-proof zipper bag. Moreover, there is a hook and lanyard to hang the device as a working light. The device also comes in water-proof variants which have a hinged cover over the ports’ panel.

GB40 has a Black-Grey layout with LED pointers (power, error, charge level, boost) and buttons (power, light mode, boost). It is a bit larger in size but weighs lesser than its competitor. It is also water and dust-proof as its USB input and output ports have covering flaps. Its flashlight is less bright than the contestant as its luminosity is only 100 Lumens but it enables 7 light modes (low, medium, high, flashing, strobe, SOS), making it useful for multiple functions. It comes in a microfiber storage bag.

Design featuresGB40N44
ColorGrey and BlackRed
Width3.2 inches3.38 inches
Height1.7 inches1.50 inches
Length7.7 inches6.50 inches
Weight1.65 Ibs3.5 Ibs


Weego 44 enables recharge through a micro USB 5V port using only a 2.1A adapter. It enables fast charging and can replete its full potential in just 2.5 hrs.

Noco GB40 can be recharged with any USB-enabled power adapter but it takes a relatively longer time to replenish its charge level. With low-Ampere chargers, it takes several hours as charge influx is slower. With a 2 or 2.1A adapter, it takes half an hour longer than the competitor to recharge fully.

USB Charger RatingGB40N44
0.5 A12 hrs.
1 A6 hrs.
2 or 2.1A3hrs.2.5 hrs

Peak Current rating

The internal battery of GB40 has a relatively lesser capacity to store charge as its electrical power is reported only 24 watts per hour. As it stores lesser charge, it gives a lesser current influx to dead units and shows a peak current level of 1000 Amperes.

Conversely, Weego N44 is equipped with a 27 watt-hour power unit that stores a larger amount of charge in comparison. As a result, it shows a better discharging capacity, specifying a peak current value of 2100 Amperes.

Manual Bypass

Both these starters automatically stop current influx when the voltage level of the battery is very low as the heavy discharge is needed in such a situation which may cause sparks or short circuits in such situations. However, you can restart completely exhausted batteries with the override/bypass feature enabled in both these devices.

Noco GB40 carries an override button on its topside while Weego 44 has a bypass button on the smart box of clamps-cable, its bypass ability is better as it offers a high current level.

Protection features

Noco GB40 employs reverse polarity protection and spark proof technology to ensure safe and sound jump starts. However, it ranks comparatively lower as it has fewer safety features and lacks a smart clamps connector.

Weego N44 utilizes intuitive smarty clamps that have a connector box indicating the status of connections, it infers the wrong polarity through beeps and LED signals. Moreover, it has power surge resistance, over-heat protection, anti-spark, and reverse polarity protection systems and stops working if it detects any error.

Supported Vehicles and batteries

Both of these starters are only suitable for powering 12V lead-acid batteries and would not work for other battery types (like lithium-ion batteries) and voltage levels.

For vehicle models, Weego N44 has the upper score as it supports large engine batteries. It has compatibility with 7 liter gas and 3.5 liter diesel engines.

Noco GB40 is compatible with relatively low capacity engines although the difference is not very large. It supports 6 liters gas and 3 liter diesel powered engines.

Gas Engines6 liters7 liters
Diesel Engines3 liters3.5 liters

Advantages of these JumpStarters

Lower priceHigher peak current
7 modes of flashlightCompatible with relatively larger engines
Can be stored in high temperatures600 Lumens flashlight
 Smarty clamps-cable

Disadvantages to these Jumpstarters

Lower peak AmperageComparatively expensive
Supports low-capacity engines 
Only 100 Lumens flash 


Both jumpers are constructed from durable material and encase efficient power units that last for a long time. Comparatively speaking, Weego N44 ranks higher for durability as its compact size and heavier weight provides an advantage against physical wear and tear. Thus, it carries a longer replacement warranty spanning up to 2 years duration.

Noco GB40 scores lesser than its contestant in terms of longevity as it is comparatively lightweight and more vulnerable to damage. Yet it offers reliable functions for a good time. Noco gives a 1-year warranty of replacement for this product.


Weego N44 is comparatively expensive but its high peak rating, longer warranty, and bright flashlight offer a good justification for the higher cost. It comes for 90 to 150 $.

Noco GB40 is priced lesser yet it offers reliable jumping ability and mobile backup as well as a multi-functional flashlight. Its price range spans from 140$ to 190$.

Bottom line

  • N44 has a larger weight but smaller physical dimensions in comparison.
  • Peak current rating and battery power of Weego starter is higher.
  • GB40 needs more time for recharging.
  • N44 carries an advanced ports panel with designated ports for different purposes.
  • GB40 can be stored at a high temperature without losing the stored charge quickly.
  • Override feature is enabled on both devices.
  • N44 is compatible with relatively bigger engines.
  • GB40 has a lesser warranty from its manufacturer.
  • GB40 costs lesser than its competitor.