WEEGO 44 Review

Weego 44 is suitable jump starter for gasoline engines with a capacity of up to 6.4 liters and diesel engines with a capacity of up to 3.2 liters. It’s all what your battery needs.

Weego 44 has a 15-volt lithium-ion battery that can generate 2100 amps of electricity to jump-start any lead-acid battery. It’s a multi-purpose device that can also recharge other USB devices and it may be charged using any permitted USB port. It can charge a laptop from a 19-volt port and charge other accessories from a 12-volt port   The device’s advanced safety measures ensure that connections are spark-free and that it is protected against reverse bias, making it simple and secure to use. It provides 20 jump starts on a single charge. On a single charge, Weego 44 has 1000 charging cycles and has up to 3 years of standby power.

WEEGO 44 vs WEEGO 44.1

How to Operate?

Charge the dead lead-acid battery according to the given instructions.

Steps To Jump Start Vehicles

  1. Place the clamp in the socket of the jump starter.
  2. Plug the connectors to the car’s battery. Red clamps signify positive polarity (+), whereas black clamps represent negative polarity (-).
  3. Follow the instructions on the safety indicator.
  4. Then start the vehicle engine.
  5. Remove the Smart Jumper Cable when your vehicle has been successfully powered.

Steps to charge your electronics

  1. Connect your phone, tablet, or other devices to the unit with a USB cord.
  2. Press the Power Switch to turn on the device. The gadget will create a personalized, maximum charge from the unit.

The operation and charging temperatures are nearly the same for all Weego devices.

Environmental ConditionsWeego 44Weego 44.1
Operating Temperatures-4° to +140° C-4° to +140° C
Charging Temperatures32 to +114° C32 to +114° C

Design Review

All variants of Weego have nearly the same designs. An interior battery level indicator is included on both of these starters to show the internal battery status. If the polarity is reversed, the starter’s error LED becomes red.

A power button is used to turn the gadget on and off. Two LEDs indicate power and boost on each of these starters. It comes with a light control button that allows you to alter the LED’s intensity. For charging and discharging, there are rarely two USB input and output ports, respectively.

The Weego 44’s top side has a flip-top that covers the top ports. This contributes to the device classification for water resistance and dust and debris prevention. The top cover also conceals the single Detect-o-Matic USB connection, which detects your device and provides the battery charging output with either 5V, 9V, or 12V at 2.4A.

The Weego 44 was created and engineered in the United States to ensure that everyone can use it safely and easily. The battery booster is designed to accommodate one hand and is substantially lighter than other variants. It has a weight of 1.65 pounds.

Peak Starting Current

The size of the engine determines the type of jump starter to utilize. Heavy jump starters are used when the engine size is larger. The Weego 44 has the peak current rating of 2100 Amperes. 

Manual Override

The jumpstarter has the manual override feature. It has a built-in automated battery indicator.

These starters will close down if the battery charge is too low due to their safety features. Users will be able to disable this safety system and charge a dead battery via Manual Override. It must be carried out with caution to avoid spark ignition.

Supported Vehicles Models

Weego 44 is used for both gasoline and diesel engines. It works with gas engines with a capacity of up to 6.4 liters and diesel engines with a capacity of up to 3.2 liters.

Pros and Cons

Unique graphic LEDs indicate that the connection is secure.It is more costly
Durable and water-resistantFewer power cables
Larger automobiles can be jump-startedNo Fast Charging


In trems of price another variant of Weego, the Weego 44.1 is a good option. The price of this gadget is around 79 US Dollars, which is incredibly fair considering its overall performance. The pricing of the Weego 44, on the other hand, is slightly higher. This item will set you back around $81.00.

Quick Summary

  • Peak initial current of 2100 amp.
  • Weego 44 is bulky in size and weight.
  • Has the option of a manual override.
  • Is used for jump-starting heavy engines.
  • The quick charging feature is not available.
  • Has an equal warranty of 18 months.