NOCO boost plus GB40 vs GBX45

Both Noco Boost plus GB40 and the Noco GBX45 are economical jump starters and is all what your car battery needs.The NOCO boost plus GB40 and GBX45, both come from the same company (NOCO), known for its irrefutable quality. All the Jump starters of NOCO have almost the same deign and they are easily recognizable.

Noco GB40 comes with a 24 Watt-Hour lithium-ion battery that contains a decent peak current of 1000 Amps that is compatible to work with lifeless lead-acid batteries.

NOCO boost plus GB40 vs GBX45

It can serve as a multipurpose device and it can recharge devices like smartphones and tablets, thanks to its additional output USB port.

Moreover, it is equipped with spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection for the safety of its users and reduces the chances of hazards, making it mistake proof and safe.

It supports 6 liters gas engines and 3 Liters diesel engines.

As you can tell from their names, Noco GB40 is the predecessor of GBX45, making GBX45 more advanced, and equipped with new features in addition to the features of the GB40.

It is fitted with a 31 Watt-Hour lithium-ion battery with a more powerful peak current of 1250 Amps, capable of brining life to powerful engines. It can also power up small devices like laptops, mobile phones and speakers.

Just like its predecessor, it is equipped with a more advanced Ultra-safe 2.0 technology that includes reverse polarity protection and spark proof technology.

It works well with 6.5 liter gasoline engines and 4 liter diesel engines.

This makes the GBX45 shine out more than its competitor.

NOCO boost plus GB40 vs GBX45 Comparison

ModelNOCO boost plus GB40NOCO boost plus GBX45
Sizeheight: 7.7 inches or 196.0 mm
width: 3.2 inches or 80.3mm
depth: 1.7 inches or 43.4mm
height: 6.8 inches or 172.72 mm
width: 3.3 inches or 83.82mm
depth: 2.1 inches or 53.34mm
Weight2.45lbs or 1.11kg2.16lbs or 0.98kg
Peak Amps1,000 Amps1,250 Amps
Jump Starts Per Charge20 jump starts 31 jump starts
Charging Time3 hours48-minutes
Flash Light100 Lumens100 Lumens

Supported Vehicle Models

For Medium sized Engines, GB40 seems to fit perfectly for the job. It can support up to 6 liters gas engines and 3 Liters diesel engines.

GBX45 is best for medium to large sized engines, it is compatible with 6.5-liter gasoline engines and 4-liter diesel engines, making it one of the most flexible jump starters in the market.


Less expensive than its competitorIt can support higher power engines
Good for medium sized engines at a lower priceHigher peak Amps for a powerful ignition
It comes with a 12V USB Charger for carsIt has fast charging
 –Contains automatic switch off function


Lower number of Jump-StartsIts more expensive than its counterpart
It cannot back up heavy diesel engines –
It does not have fast charge feature –

I highly recommend you watch this, video before reading things on further.

Comparison of Features

Output Amps

Maximum Output Amps gives the indication of two things.

One is that the Jump starter with more Amps can start up larger engines that require more power, the other one is that it provides a greater number of jumpstarts to the engine before recharging.

The Noco GB40 has 1000 max output Amps, which makes it slightly worse than the GBX45.

However, it can start up big gas engines and moderate diesel engines.

While the GBX45 has 1250 max output Amps, which provides it with the capability to crank up large gas as well as large diesel engine.

Henceforth, GBX45 clearly takes the lead over the GB40 when it comes to output Amps. 


The GB40 is armed with spark proof technology along with reverse polarity protection.

Spark proof means, the terminals will not produce a spark even when they are connected together, this secures users from potential risk.

While reverse polarity protection is an internal circuit in the jump starter that safeguards the jump starter by making sure it’s not harmed even when the source polarity is reversed.

This circuit cuts off power to the sensitive electronic components and circuits within the jump starter.

Likewise, GBX45 also comes with spark proof technology and reverse polarity protection, but it is more advanced due to its Ultra Safe technology or Ultra Safe 2.0 feature.

Moreover, it has improved thermal efficiency and enhanced power management. These features not only make the GBX45 more harmless but also provides it with better performance and longer life span.

Power Conservation

The GBX40 does not contain any special feature to conserve power, it simply operates on plug and play.

To use GBX40, it is simply attached to the battery and powered on, the vehicle can be started at any time later, because there is no exclusive trait that switches it off.

This results in wastage of power in the jump starter if it is not removed from the battery after usage.

Conversely, GBX45 is provided with an exclusive feature to tackle this situation.

It can automatically turn itself off, 60 seconds after it is turned on and connected to the battery.

So, the vehicle needs to be started within those 60 secs or it is turned off and you’ll have to reset the timer to crank up the car again.

It also encompasses an LED light to indicate the expiration of 60 seconds countdown.  

Flash Light

GB40 has a rechargeable lithium driven LED flash light of 100 lumens which is enough to light up a small room.

It has seven light modes that includes, high light, low light, SOS light and emergency strobe etc.

Similarly, GBX45 also comes with a 100 lumen LED flashlight powered from lithium and it contains various luminous settings and modes like SOS and emergency strobe.

Similarities in Design

GB40 contains several elements in its structure that are also possessed by GBX45, those are:

Power LED: It shows that the jump starter is powered on.

Error LED: It turns on when there is a problem with the jump starter or the battery is not connected accurately. It has different sequence of flashes to convey different problems, it may blink from 1 to 6 times.

Charge LED: It displays the charge level of the jump starter. It has graded LEDs that start from red and end at green. Red for the least charged and up to green for fully charged. 

Boost LED: It lights up when the boost is functional and it start to blink when the manual override feature is on.

Power Button: This button turns on the jump starter and makes it ready for use.

Manual Override Button: It allows the user to disable safety features of the jump starter, in case it fails to detect the battery. It happens often when the battery drops too much voltage.

Light Mode Button: Flashlight is turned on using this button.

Design Differences

In addition to all the LEDs in GB40, the GBX45 contains various more LEDs in its assembly, these are:

Reverse Polarity Error LED: This LED turns on when the charger is connected to the battery in reverse configuration. It tells the users to reverse the connections and charge the battery properly.

Cold LED: Lights up solid or gives off blue flashes when the internal temperature get too low.

Hot LED: Illuminates completely or blinks in red color when the internal temperature gets too high.

Fast Charge LED: It gives out a white light when the fast charge feature is active and it starts to blink red during an error.

Internal Battery

The GB40 uses a 24 watt hour lithium ion battery to operate various electronic devices like phones and tablets.

On the other end, GBX45 is equipped with a more powerful 31 watt hour lithium ion battery, ready to power laptops and other equipment.

Connection Ports

With one USB input and one USB output port, the GB40 is able to charge itself, and at the same time, work as a power bank to supply energy to small appliances. It charges on 2.1 amps input source and also supplies 2.1 amps of output.

Moving forward to the GBX45, it contains one USB-C port for input as well as output and other USB port for output only. It charges on a wide range of currents, 5V, 1.5A/9V, 3A/12V, 3A/15V, 3A/20V, and, 3A.

Output could be taken from both ports, from USB port it gives 5V DC or 2.1A max or 10W max of output, and from the USB-C port it provides, 5V, 1.5A/9V, 3A/12V, 3A/15V, 3A/20V, or, 3A of output.


All the jump starts come with recharging batteries which primarily depend upon 2 things. Firstly, on the current and secondly, on the type of connection port (USB or USB-C).

It takes 3 hours to completely charge GB40 using the normal USB charge. Which is more than three times longer than GBX45.

Concurrently, 48 minutes are required to fully charge GBX45 using the fast charge feature that comes with USB-C. Henceforth, the GBX45 again wins in this section.

Price Comparison

GB40 is cheaper than GBX45. The GB40 jump starter costs about 124.95 US Dollars, which makes it more cost-effective than its competitor with a great performance on medium ranged engines.

On the flip side, GBX45 costs around 159.95 US Dollars.

This makes it more expensive, but this higher price is defended by all additional features and greater power that it possesses over the GB40.

So, each product has its own charm.


  • GBX45 has higher output Amps than GB40
  • GBX45 can charge more small appliances than GB40, which makes it more versatile.
  • Both the GBX45 and GB40 provide adequate protection to their users.
  • GBX45 has auto power conservation feature that is lacked by GB40.
  • GBX45 contains more indicator lights than the GB40 for better feedback to the user.
  • GBX45 has higher power internal battery than GB40 and it also operates on variety of current and voltage ranges.
  • The charging time of GBX45 is less three times than GB40.
  • GBX45 can support heavier engines than GB40.
  • GBX45 is more expensive.